Redgranite Village Board to develop Emergency Response Plan

The Redgranite Lions club approached the board on the topic of extending their liquor license. Though they were previously approved and paid for a year, the board shortened the license to only 6 months. The license would end on December 31 of this year rather than June 30 of next year. At that point, the Lions club would no longer be permitted to sell mixed drinks, but they could still sell beer and wine. The board is going to allow the Lions club to put together documents to show how the loss of this liquor license could impact their ability to profit from their events, since the liquor portion is one of their biggest sellers. The County Emergency Management Director spoke to the board regarding developing an emergency response plan for the county and the Redgranite Elementary school. The last plan was signed in 2006, and the board decided it would be a good idea to renew this. The director provided the board with a printed template for what an emergency response plan should look like. A concerned citizen was at the meeting and spoke to the board regarding an issue with semi-trucks parking across the street from her property. There were no updates on this ordinance violation. The board president recently interviewed pro-tentional deputy clerks. She hopes to make her final decision this week. The president also mentioned how no one should be contacting village administrative em-ployees after 5 pm. There will be repercussions for those who do not follow this rule. The sewer/water de-partment was approved to sell a sludge tank. This will be sold for $30,000 and the profits will be used to purchase a hydrovac, which can be used to clean valves. The sewer/water department also given approval to purchase 10 water meters and ten Reader LCD heads to have as backups in case some should break.   There was a proposal for Bug Tussel to pay for the repairs done to the water tower because of the permanent brackets that are attached to hold the wires. The board decided that this must be fixed. At the last moments of the meeting, a community member brought up the idea of placing speedbumps on one of the streets near Redgranite Elementary school. People are driving too fast in the area and are ignoring the School Zone signs that indicate a slower speed. The board considered this and tabled the topic for future discussion.