Redgranite parks to reopen in time for summer

The Village of Redgranite held there regular monthly meeting May 19, where there was a full house of citizens. The turnout, being the largest seen in a while by the Board, came with small business owners and AMVETS addressing the board. Many eventful approvals were made throughout the night.

Two agenda items brought forth during the night regarded the parks. The Board decided to come back to the items during the night so they could approve the opening of the parks. When the time came for the reopening of the parks, Sandy Lyles made the point the playgrounds being an essential for kids on summer break, and motioned for them to be reopened. While still being hesitant on the Quarry, but as it does bring visitors to Redgranite, she believed that business owners need all of the help they can get. Therefore, she motioned for the reopening of the Quarry as well.

Board President, Belinda Passarelli, was still hesitant on the reopening of the parks. The main concern being Memorial Day weekend, as a surge of people would be expected at the Quarry. She would like to see it opened, but with limitations. She stated that she knew it was not possible to enforce guidelines, which worried her.

The vote opened to the board, with 4 voting yes and 3 no. The parks are reopened to the public.

With the Quarry opened, the board could then approve the request by the Dive Training Company who train police officers with deep dives in the Quarry. They use the Quarry every year for the mandated training hosted every year, this year not having to be an exception fortunately.

The Board also discussed, considered, and acted on the COVID-19 testing location in Redgranite. The Health Department had requested the use of the Fire Department, which was denied. The Board all agreed that a location in Redgranite is necessary. The idea of Willow Creek Park was suggested by the Board for drive by testing. People can easily drive through that road, and traffic would flow efficiently. The Board will bring this location idea to the Health Department.

Local business owners came to speak on behalf of those with Class B Retail/Fermented & Liquor license renewals coming up. After struggling with the shutdown and reduced business amidst the pandemic, they asked the board to lower or waive payment this year, as many are not able to afford the fees presented. The Board understood the struggle being faced, but legally could not charge less than $50 for the Class B licensing.

Ellen Caswell was worried concerning the lack of revenue the Village would end up receiving with the reduced payment. The Board took a vote in which it was decided to reduce fees to the minimum of $50 for the liquor license and $10 for the operator fee. This in total will save business owners hundreds of dollars during their time of need.

The Board discussed financial assistance for small, local businesses. The Village unfortunately has no funds available, but have requested to possibly be able to access the Tax Incremental District (TID) funds in order to try and assist their businesses. As updates come in as to what is available from the government, it will be posted on the Village website.

The AMVETS also spoke to the Board in regards to Memorial Day. They know it is too late for the chicken BBQ to be held. All money put up in advance for the use of the park will be refunded in full. The AMVETS also spoke on the dedication service in the park. Either with or without the parks opening they were going to host a ceremony in memory of Veterans. The Board agreed that it was necessary. The topic of the parade was also brought up. With only a week and a half until the day in which it would be held, the Vets recommended it be cancelled as not enough preparation time would be had to hold a parade. The parade has been cancelled but a dedication at Veterans Park would be held, on May 25.

The Board then went on to hear from Jennifer Pulvermacher of the Waushara County Health Department. She presented the signage for the Redgranite established bicycle route. Routes throughout the area have been getting these established signs in honor of Bike Month and to support physical activity in Waushara County. Funding and maintenance would all be in the hands of the Health Department. The Highway Department puts up the signs. Three to four signs would be placed in Redgranite, which would include a start sign labeled Route 10 (the route which is in Redgranite) along with signs at any intersection or turn. The Board approved the signage for the bike route, and look forward to riding it.


The Board then approved the purchase of two new Ferris lawn mowers. The bid for these machines was less than John Deere, and Ferris was rated the number one.

The Board went on to discuss the cleaning of the sewer system. Grease buildup is very prominent from households or even businesses dumping to much grease into their drains. Speedy Clean will have to come in to clean the drains, as the maintenance is needed. The Board approved the sewer cleaning.

An act on the request from the Redgranite Fire Department to close Dearborn Street from Sanickers’ Pub to the end of the street between the Fire Hall and Elmer’s Place was approved for the testing of hoses. These hoses from the Fire Department must be tested every year, as required for every Fire Department. The testing will be Tuesday, June 16, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Board went on to approve the following agenda items:

• Full Time Employee Vacation Banked Hours from 2019 to be used before March 31, 2021, and if not, banked hours to be paid out.

• Request for Public Work Employees to work four, ten hour days May 1 – September 30.

• Hiring We Clean to clean parks during the summer - $130/wk.

• Software Purchase Agreement with Civic Sy-stems for Badger Beacon Interface for $1,200.

• The request of Condon Oil/Shell to sell fireworks.

The Board tabled the act on the MSA invoice 592010 #7 (street construction) for $19,781.36.

The Board will be holding a special meeting Tuesday, June 2, at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the payment of utility bills and taxes by credit/debit cards. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be Tuesday, June 16 at 7 p.m.