Redgranite board commends police officer Kelsey Koch

   At the July 16 Redgranite Village Board meeting, the board commended Redgranite Police Officer Kelsey Koch for the great work she performed on July 3. According to an e-mail received from a family of Arizona visitors, Officer Koch interacted with the Arizona and Appleton visitors in a kind and professional manner, when the family was informed that the Redgranite Quarry Park was closing at 7 p.m. on that day.

Officer Koch directed the family to Willow Creek Park, where they were able to spend more family time together. “She gave us suggestions when she saw how disappointed we were to have to leave the quarry area” (after arriving at the quarry at 6:15 p.m. due to Milwaukee traffic). “She was easily one of the most pleasant officers I’ve had interaction with.”

Police Chief Kyle Tarr added that Officer Koch’s response that day is a good example of how police officers have to follow the laws and ordinances but can interact with the public in a caring manner.

The board reviewed the street construction projects update sent by MSA Professional Project Manager Dan Rammer, which included Wellhouse #1, which stated that the wellhouse has been put back in operation. An on-site meeting will be held the week of July 22 to test the recirculation system.

The update noted that Egbert Excavating, the prime contractor in the hydrant replacement project, has installed 35 out of 47 hydrants in the project.

The update also noted that Egbert Excavating is still waiting for CenturyLink to relocate their utilities; once complete, Egbert can begin storm sewer work on Wisconsin Street. In addition, MSA provided alternate designs for the Bonnell Avenue and Preston Lane intersection.

In other business, the board approved:


•The resignation of part-time police officer Zachary Zaug, who found a full-time job elsewhere.

•The payment of Egbert Excavation pay request #1 for hydrant project for $81,590.75.

•The payment of Kopplin & Kinas pay request #3 for streets project for $58,723.15.

•The payment of MSA invoice 592011 #1 for $1,770.48.

•The payment of August Winter pay request #11 for heaters for the well house project for $3,062, rather than the $18,070.65 requested.  The village will send MSA an invoice for $15,472; when the check is received, the village will pay the remaining balance to August Winter.

•The Preston Lane drainage plans

•Alcohol license ap-plications for Joann Benecke, Jessica Chinawong, Dennis Oltesvig (Rick’s Irish Pub) and Mary Schmidt (Kwik Trip).


The next regular Red-granite Village Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.