Nearly 35 percent of the eligible voters cast ballot in Primary Election on April 7

In Waushara County there was a 34.49 percent voter turnout for the Presidential Preference Spring Election.  The largest voter turnout was 46.53 percent in the Town of Springwater Wards 1 and 2.

In the Presidential Preference there were 1822 votes cast for Democratic Presdential Preference, Joe Biden, and 3567 cast for Presidential Preference Republican, Donald J. Trump.  In the state Joe Biden received 581,303 votes and Donald J. Trump received 616,705.  In the City of Wautoma there were a total of 327 votes with 114 for Biden and 165 for Trump.

In the State Supreme Court Justice Race in Waushara County there were 2543 votes cast for Jill J. Karofsky and 3680 cast for incumbent Daniel Kelly.  Although Waushara County carried Kelly, the state race was won by Karofsky 855,855 to Dan Kelly’s 692,629 votes.  In the City of Wautoma Karofsky received 145 votes to Kelly’s 174.

The Statewide Referen-dum “Marsy’s Law” for additional Rights of Crime Victims, passed in the county 4,829 to 1,332 and in the State 1,107,174 to 371,285.

There was one contested seat for the Waushara County Board of Supervisors in District 6 where John P. Jarvis defeated Cheri Schultz 546 to 174.

In Wild Rose there were four candidates including Kathy Williams, Tara Anderson, Sandie Anderson and Bruce Williams vying for two seats on the Wild Rose School Board.  The projected winners are Sandie Anderson with 830 votes to Bruce Williams 663 and Kathy Williams with 854 votes over Tara Anderson with 632. The official canvass will be on April 15 at 2:15 p.m. to certifiy the winners according to Craig Hayes, Wild Rose School District Administrator.

For complete election results for Waushara County please go to their website and click on Unofficial Election Results.