Judy Wilson speaks with Wild Rose Village Board concerning property

The Wild Rose Village Board had numerous items on the agenda to discuss and consider during a Dec. 4 meeting.

Judy Wilson had approached the Board regarding a property she wanted to buy on Maple Avenue, which has an aged trailer house on it. She thought she’d replace the trailer with a newer one, but wanted to know what her options were. The Board informed her and her daughter that as long as she buys the property with the trailer on its and removes it, she can indeed replace it with a newer trailer. She would need a permit to remove the old trailer, and another permit to place the newer one.

Barry Osicka spoken to the Board about the process of getting a sign representing the American Legion placed at the Village sign located on the north end of the village.

Doug Jirik gave the Board an update on the Multimodal Local Supplement Grant, stating it was due to arrive in a couple days. McMahon had suggested tying the school into the street/drainage project from Division to High Streets, to run all the way down to the Elementary School. Jirik had discussed the thought with the school district administrator Craig Hayes. Board members had agreed that the project will run down Euclid Avenue to the elementary school.


A discussion took place on the selection of a lawn mower for the Village Maintenance Department. Doug Jirik will get together with Tom Lauritzen and his committee to decide which of the two models will be beneficial and feasible to purchase.

The Board approved Ordinance 2019-4 regarding the Hotel & Motel Room tax, as well as Ordinance 2019-5 regarding the authorization of the Fire Chief to Reduce the Frequency of Inspections from two to one.

Christmas bonuses were approved for village em-ployees: $100 for full-time and $50 for part-time or seasonal.

A Public Participation Plan for the update of the Waushara County Comprehensive Plan was approved.

A fee agreement of $245/hour and representation with Omholt & Forsythe, SC, was approved by the Board, where the Red Mill is concerned. A report on the creation of a Red Mill Committee was again tabled.

A brief discussion took place during a review of Bowman’s payment breakdown options for resolution.

It was mentioned that when considering a proposed budget for 2020, the Board will scrutinize each department’s proposed budgets more than usual.

The Silver Lake Sanitary District Lab fee rates were reviewed, and it was pointed out that they hadn’t gone up for several years.

An operator’s license for David Shannon at the Wild Rose Liquor Store was approved.

The reappointment of Mary Pilz, Jean Haufe, Elizabeth Riemer, Jane Erickson, and Marlene Korleske as poll workers for the 2020-21 election term was approved by the Board.

A caucus date of Jan. 2, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. was approved. Jody Jansen will be seeking re-election, while Mark Davies will not and Perry Drmolka may not.

Circulation was reportedly up during the library/community center report.


Public hearing and budget meetings were held Dec. 5. The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m.