Groundwater quality study to be conducted in eastern townships

In April, some residents in the six eastern towns in Waushara County received a postcard from UW-Extension Waushara County offering them the opportunity to test their well water as part of a three-year study to identify groundwater quality patterns in Waushara County.   A postcard was recently sent to a second group of residents.  If you received one of the postcards and would like to test your well contact the UW-Extension Waushara County Office at (920) 787-0416 or or the Waushara County Land Conservation and Zoning Office at (920) 787-0443 or The study is looking at levels of chloride and nitrates in wells in the county.  Elevated chloride levels may be an indication of human influence on well water quality.  Elevated nitrate levels are influenced by land uses in the area of the well.  High nitrate levels can be a health risk, particularly for infants and pregnant women.  The study is to provide information for each square mile or section in Waushara County.  Private well owners were selected at random from sections where there is currently no data available. 

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