Judge Guy Dutcher swore in the 2018 Waushara County Board members at the organizational meeting held at the Waushara County Courthouse on Tuesday, April 16.  Members of the board include (front row, l to r) Everett Eckstein, Mike Kapp, Larry Timm, Mark Piechowski, Brandon Bonfiglio; (back row l to r) Mark Kerschner, Jerry Lauer, George Peterman, Pat King, Donna Kalata, and Dennis Wedde.

County board holds organizational meeting on April 16

Four newly elected supervisors join Waushara County Board

Four new members along with seven returning Waushara County Board Supervisors were sworn in by Judge Guy Dutcher in the County Board Room of the Waushara County Courthouse on April 17.  The new members include: Brandon Bonfiglio, District 1; Mark Piechowski, District 2; George Peterman, District 9; and Jerry Lauer, District 10.

Following the swearing in, nominations were taken for the county board chair.  Nominations included Donna Kalata, Mark Kerschner, George Peterman, and Dennis Wedde.  Supervisors Kerschner and Wedde withdrew their nominations.  Following the vote, Donna Kalata was elected county board chair. 

Nominations were ac-cepted for vice chair and 2nd vice chair and after the supervisors cast their ballots,  Mark Kerschner was elected as Vice Chair and Dennis Wedde as 2nd Vice Chair.

Chairman Kalata said she was concerned about number of committee members on the Public Works Committee and she would recommend that committee be changed from three members to four.  Following discussion, the board approved a four person committee.

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