Cooking Club teaches skills

The Waushara County Department of Human Services offers a wide variety of programs to members of the community. These services range from responding to a crisis, helping individuals and families connect with resources, and ensuring safety of the vulnerable and helping individuals develop skills on their path to self-sufficiency.


The department’s Social Skills & Independent Living group began several years ago. Led by one of the department’s mentors, the group helps adolescents and young adults transition to life on their own. The group meets twice each month with a focus on meal planning, meal preparation, and social skill development.

Members of the group establish a budget, plan menus, and prepare meals with an emphasis on eating healthy and including a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Once the meal is prepared, the group gathers for a sit down family-style dinner. Participating in the group builds relationships, provides hands-on experience in budgeting meal preparation, food safety and healthy eating and offers job training for those interested in working in the food service industry.


Donations to support the group are welcome. Those interested in sponsoring a meal or learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Dawn Buchholz at 920-787-6600 or