Concerns discussed during Redgranite Board meeting


The Redgranite Village Board held their monthly meeting at the Municipal Building on June 16, where a variety of concerns within the Village were discussed.

Laurie Oltesvig, owner of Red Rock Laundry, spoke to the board regarding problems with Dedrick Road. Residents on that road report issues with large potholes, speeders, noise from neighboring dogs, and those parking in the road. Many children living on the Dedrick Road can be seen playing in the road. With the speed limit not clearly posted many cars speed through the narrow road. This brings difficulty getting out of driveways while posing a safety threat to children.

Another concern is the narrow road not being more defined from the parking lot across from Thrifty Resale. Many will park in the road, not knowing where it ends and where it starts. The potholes also make the road a safety concern. Lastly, dogs can be heard barking frequently.

The Board addressed all of these concerns. Sandy Lyles agreed with Oltesvig, as the road is not clearly defined. They propose to have lines painted on the road. The speed limit should be 25 miles per hour as a default through the village, but the possibility of having the limit go down to 10 on the road was discussed because of the nature of the road. Therefore, speed limit signs may have to be put up on the road. As for the dog complaints, Officer Kyle Tarr claims there is not much that can be done since no one has called on the concerns for the dogs. Without law enforcement being informed of the situation, they do not know what is going on. If neighbors call in a noise complaint, then a warning can be given.

Dan Sanchez, a volunteer of the Friends of the Redgranite Quarry, came to the board with a proposal to construct a bridge in order to make the Quarry more wheelchair accessible. Sanchez is willing to donate $1,200 for the project, which he believes will be able to cover the costs of building it himself. The Board will set up a committee meeting with the Parks/Cemetery committee, to go over the details of the future plans of the Friends of the Redgranite Quarry.

A member of the community presented the possibility of crosswalks being made near Kwik Trip, as when kids cross in the morning for the school bus, many vehicles do not stop for the children or other pedestrians. Board President, Belinda Passarelli, recommended putting it near the carwash, as that would be a safer place to cross. The Board approved putting a crosswalk there, and will go through WisDOT to repaint all of the crosswalks, as it is a dangerous job for the small crew of the village and anything put on Highway 21 will have to be approved by the state.   

Village roads were a hot topic in June. Potholes in the alley between Koch Street and Foster Road have gotten out of control, as reported by members of the community. The village maintenance employee will go out and start filling on the road with ground up asphalt. MSA also presented their work that has been done on the roads throughout the months. Many are almost complete with no issues so far.

Labor Day events have been canceled for this year, but local businesses will look into something they can do to bring business to the Village.

The Board tabled acts on issues surrounding the quarry and parking issues, ordinance violations, concerns with the 2021 budget and sending Redgranite Area Fire District Inter-Municipal Agreement documents to Attorney Sondalle, until they schedule a committee meeting of the Police/Fire committee to discuss the issues in full.

Police Chief, Kyle Tarr, and Public Works employee, Kevin Roggow, will be reviewing the quantity and size needed for no parking signs near the Quarry where people live. A discussion will also be held in a committee meeting on Thursday, June 24, in regards to which lot will be charged parking, along with how much the charge will be.

The Board took a roll call vote on the Village Clerk’s Office remaining closed or reopening. The vote came to four to three, with the majority voting for the office to remain closed until further notice.

The Board denied a request of taverns to use part of the Village Hall’s parking lot, patio, or deck for outdoor food, alcohol sales, and consumption. The Board would like businesses to come to the Board before using the area so they know when and what they have planned.

The Board went on to approve the following agenda items:

•TID #1 and TID #2 Draft Audits

•GOVPay to handle debit/credit

•Tabled MSA 592010 #7 (Streets) for $19,781.36.

•MSA 592010 #8 (Streets) for $18,603.98.

•Kopplin & Kinas Change Order #4 (Streets) for $21,860.25.

•Kopplin & Kinas Request #6 (Streets) for $181,787.34

•Jacob and Kevin to take the Groundwater and Distribution Certification Course for $458.70 each at Moraine Park.

•Renew Service Agree-ment for 2020 for PJ Kortens for $2,47.00.

•Tabled MSA 592002 #13 for (Wellhouse) $2,575.00.

•Tabled MSA 539220 #14 for (Wellhouse) $3,120.00.

•Tabled MSA 592009 #5 (Hydrants) for $2,700.

•Purchase of truck

•Replacement of Chem-ical Feed Pump at well #2

•Safe drinking water disbursement request

•Request of Public Works Department to place grass cutting revenue into general equipment fund.

•2020-21 Application for Mobile Home Park License.

•2020-21 Applications for Liquor, Beer, Wine Licenses.

•2020-21 Applications for the Sale of Cigarettes.

•2020-21 Applications for Operator’s Licenses.

•2020-21 Application Pro-visional Operator’s License.

•2019-20 Operators Li-cense for Sally Spoentgen.


The next regularly sche-duled Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July, 21, at 7 p.m. at the Village of Redgranite Municipal Building.