Concerned citizen speaks to Wild Rose School Board

The Wild Rose School Board listened to safety concerns regarding a bus route during a May 9 meeting.

David Harris has been speaking to the school district and Board about a problem he has been observing in the Saxeville area. It involves a short, narrow road, which becomes quite icy during the winter, and with hills it’s difficult to see around a bus and a hidden driveway. Some children have had to walk from their home to a pickup site instead of their driveways, creating some dangerous situations for them, even with a 25mps speed limit. Some area residents would like to see the township widen the road, lower the speed limit, have a hidden driveway sign placed, and hopefully a safer bus pickup situation for the kids.

Board members Chris Sorenson and Dave Williams stated that they have checked out the area in question and agree there is a problem. Bob Williams, who handles bus transportation for the school district, pointed out that a policy states that if the road in question is a public road, then the children should be picked up at their driveways. The Board went on to approve recommendations to be made to the Township where the problem lies.

The Board approved the Class of 2019 for graduation, with a few being pointed out for not completing requirements successfully.

The Board approved revisions to the 2018-19 school budgets, which are movements between some area funds.

The Board approved the 2019-20 WIAA senior high athletic membership application with no changes being recommended.

The Board looked at the possibility of renewing a health insurance proposal.

The next Board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 23.