Coloma Village board approves alcohol permit for Fireman’s Poker Run on Aug. 4

The Coloma Village board meeting was held on June 28. The board discussed signage on Hwy 21. The DOT notified the village of sign violations. All signs that were against village ordinance have been removed. The board would like to remind residents to remove garage sale signs when their sale is completed.   The board approved the consumption of alcohol outside of The Cabin in the enclosed area during the Fireman’s Poker Run on August 4. The permit is for that day only and is good to the close of business on that day.   The board agreed to send out requests for bids for garbage removal for the 2019 contract. Bids must be sent in by the July board meeting. Board president Arden Bandt informed the board that the water bill will include a newsletter reminding residents of the ordinances enforced within the village for grass cutting and other important ordinances that improve the look of the village.   The board turned down a counter offer for the purchase of 159 North Front Street. The board has received a grant to make the building into an incubator for small businesses. The board will continue to negotiate with the owner but want to have a tour of the facility before they proceed any farther. Arden Bandt reported on a WEDA meeting that was held in Coloma on June 28 at the Coloma Community Center. At the meeting, affordable housing options were discussed. The next village board meeting will be on Thursday, July 26.