Annual reports from corporation counsel and surveyor presented to Waushara County Board of Supervisors

Ruth Zouski, Waushara County Corporate Counsel, presented her annual report to the Waushara County Board of Supervisors at their regular scheduled monthly meeting on Dec. 17 at the Waushara County Courthouse in Wautoma.

Zouski said that last year there were two lawsuits filed against the county and both have been resolved.  The cases included a former inmate incident and a sexual harassment complaint.   

She also said that this past year her department has collected over $100,000 from old accounts mainly from Human Services, EMS, Highway Department, and Sheriff’s Department.

She also reported Steve Anderson, the District Attorney, has left the county position to take a job with the State.  The county is presently working with an Assistant DA and Zouski is filling in till April.  Zouski said the governor should be appointing a District Attorney soon.

Waushara County Sur-veyor, Jerry Smart, said he has been busy doing accurate coordinates and marking section corners.  He said the Town of Hancock was nearly complete. Several corners on County C were damaged due to construction and will have to be remarked.

Presently Smart is working on the Bannerman Trail and this will be an ongoing project as it is six to seven miles long.


He also reported that land records have received accurate data for elevations in the county and it was paid for by FEMA.  The data includes one foot contours throughout the county and they will redo the Flood Plains Maps.

County Administrator Ro-bert Sivick told the supervisors that the county staff is more efficient and it has been a successful year.  He added that the county will be attending a tourism show in Illinois rather than the Milwaukee Sport Show.  He said the county is also applying for a grant through the Department of Tourism to help with branding in the county to better promote tourism.

The board also approved tabling Amendment of Employment Contract be-tween the county and Robert J. Sivick in compliance with Wisconsin law till the January meeting. The supervisors approved a contract with U.S. Bank to institute and maintain a purchasing card program for the county.

The next regular meeting of the Waushara County Board of Supervisors will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Waushara County Courthouse, Wautoma.