Wautoma School Board denies Disney Spring Training field trip in Florida

During the Jan. 13 Wautoma High School Board of Education meeting, Softball Varsity Coach Thomas Butt asked the Board to approve the Disney Spring Training field trip for second consideration.

Butt noted that the funds for the trip would be raised by the girls through various fundraisers, such as discount cards, concession stands, a fundraiser held at Doggers, Lady Hornet Hitter Extravaganza pledge, and car washes. Each girl would need to raise roughly $1,100 to cover the cost of the trip.

Butt added that the trip would be an opportunity for these girls to leave the Midwest and visit a state they may otherwise not have a chance to visit. They would have the opportunity to compete against schools from all across the country, meet and interact with people from different cultures, and demonstrate their leadership qualities.

Board Treasurer Karen Piechowski commented, “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.” However, the Board could not justify the girls’ missing two days of school, so when it came to a vote, three Board members approved, while four chose to deny approval for the field trip.

The Board also denied approval for a Special Education Programming Redgranite Elementary School.

Joe Peterson, an auditor from Miller, Brussel, Ebben and Glaeske, LLC, attended the board meeting to present the FY19 financial statements. He noted that there was nothing outstanding in a negative way when it came to Wautoma’s audit. He thanked the Board for having everything sent to the auditor in a timely manner, which is something that doesn’t always happen with other schools.

The capital project was the largest fund of the year, and Wautoma was close on budget for everything. Most schools try to have an average of 20-25 percent for the fund balance, but Wautoma has 38 percent, which is great, said Peterson.

District Administrator Tom Rheinheimer noted that on Jan. 20 he will be interviewing five candidates for the Director of Technology position.

Athletic Director Adam Vaughan will be interviewing 3-4 people for the head football coach position on Jan. 22.

The Student Council repre-sentatives shared that on Dec. 4 they held a community blood drive and collected six units of blood. More people were signed up to donate, but with the flu and other illnesses only a few could donate. They will hold another blood drive on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The Board approved the following retirements/resignations: Amanda Allen as A+ After School Enrichments Leader; Jaime Vincent as A+ After School Enrichment Leader; Megan Kelly as A+ After School Program Assistant; Sharon Weiss as a Kitchen Helper.

The following were approved for hire: Steven Lois as the grade 7 girls basketball assistant coach; Debra Rosenow as a Kitchen Helper.

The Board approved the following:

•Director of Technology job description revisions for first consideration.

•2020-21 Open Enrollment spaces. 4k-12 will have limited speech and language spaces for special education only.

•New course proposals for second consideration. The following classes were approved: College Prep English 11; Creative Writing I; Algebra Strategies; AP Chemistry; Advanced Eng-ineering and Technology; Health Safety and Nutrition – Dual Credit; Infant and Toddler Development – Dual Credit; Translation and Interpretation; Printing Course – Dual Credit; Hospitality and Tourism – Dual Credit; Nutrition for Culinary Arts – Dual Credit.

The Board discussed the 2018-19 State Accountability Report Cards. Board members pointed out there was a positive trend occurring, but there is always room for improvement.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 10 at 6:15 p.m. in the Riverview Elementary School, Wautoma, library.