Miguel Duran

Benefit planned for Miguel Duran & Family on Feb. 15

Please… Can you donate? Can you volunteer your time?

On Saturday, Feb. 15 at the Redgranite Lions Club there will be a benefit for Miguel Duran and His Family.  Miguel has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer resistant to treatment, therefore it is terminal.  In December his family received the devastating news that he had only a few months to live.

He is a nine-year-old boy, a student at Clay Lamberton, Berlin, and was a previous student at Riverview Elementary, Wautoma.  He has the sweetest disposition and the brightest smile.  He is a member of the Wautoma Super Stinger wrestlers and being a wrestler is by far his favorite sport.  He wrestled this last Saturday and won first place and received a belt, which was one of his goals.  With his diminishing strength this was probably his last wrestling match.

I am asking as a friend, as a Mom, as a Grandmother, to please help with the fundraiser. Miguel is a remarkable young boy and he needs our help.  The benefit will only be as successful as the people that participate and donate.  If you have a craft or work for a company where you can donate to the silent auction, make a basket for the raffle, or bake something for the bake sale, we so appreciate it.  Also if you can donate time to work at the benefit – whether it is an hour or two or whatever time you can spare – the committee is grateful.

We live here and we help one another when there is a need – one of the many reasons I love living and working in Waushara County.  I can tell you there is a need and I know this county will come through to help with the Benefit which is described to Miguel as a giant party for him.

The chairman of the entire event is Donna Weiss, her phone number is 920-765-1110 and her email is nanadonna.71876@gmail.com.

I am chairing the Raffle Baskets, and co-chairing the Silent Auction with Ann Eckert and the Bake Sale with Char Stratton.  Please call me at the Waushara Argus 920-787-3334 or email argusmary@wausharaargus.com with your donations or assistance the day of the benefit. Donations can be dropped off at the Waushara Argus office at W7781 State Rd. 21 & 73, Wautoma.

With your help this will be the best possible fundraiser/party for Miguel on Feb. 15 at the Redgranite Lions Club.

Mary Kunasch, Publisher

Waushara Argus/Resorter