Enter County Fair Tykes in Training Contest by Aug. 3

People of all ages love to take part in Waushara County Fair each year and there continues to be an opportunity  for youth 4-8 years of age. The opportunity is the Tykes in Training Showmanship Contest and it will happen on Friday, Aug. 17, at 3 pm. The contest will be divided into two classes-Class 1 will be Tykes on Training Showmanship Contest, youth ages 4-5 and Class 2 will be Tykes in Training Showmanship Contest 6-8. The purpose of the classes is for the young participants to have a chance to show a dairy beef calf at the Waushara County Fair before they are eligible to exhibit in the Waushara County Fair. Participants must supply their own calf and the calf must be under four months of age or born after April 18, 2018. The calves are to be brought to the fairgrounds the day of the contest and they are to be taken home after they have been shown. Youth who participate will receive a t-shirt and a participation ribbon after they have had a chance to be in the show ring. The judge will have the young exhibitors lead their animals around the ring and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, but he will focus on their enthusiasm and he will not be giving any placing. To enter your son or daughter in the tykes in Training Showmanship Con-test, request an entry form by contacting the Waushara County UWEX Office at (920-787-0416. There is no entry fee and entries are being accepted until Aug. 3. This contest is being made possible by the Waushara County June Dairy Breakfast Committee as an opportunity for younger children to be involved in the County Fair. Save the date as the contest will take place on Aug. 17, at 3 pm.