Waushara County felonies reported June 20-26

Angela N. Williams, Mil-waukee, was in court June 20 on charges of four counts of Failure to Support Child (120 Days+) for a Payment hearing. Defendant must maintain payment of no less than $100 each and every month toward unfulfilled financial obligations beginning with the 1st day of the month one full month removed from incarceration and continuing on the 1st of each month until PIF. Blair L. Thompson, Red-granite, was in court June 20 on charges of 2 counts of Manuf/Deliver Schedule I, II Narcotics for a Sentencing hearing on revocation. He was also in court June 20 on charges of Possess w/ Intent/Deliver Narcotics and Maintain Drug Trafficing Place with a Second and Subsequent Offense for a Plea/sentencing hearing. The Court: 16CF-33: 6 yrs bifurcated SEH - 3 yrs IC/3 yrs ES - Concurrent to one another with 166 days TS credit. 18CF-32: Ct 1 only 6 yrs bifurcated SEH - 3 yrs IC/3 yrs ES - concurrent with 16CF-33 - net effect is a 6 yr period of imprisonment. 3 days TS as to 18CF-32. Eligible for SAP statutorily. Ct 2- S/W - 2 yrs probation consecutive to 16CF-33 and 18CF-32 (Ct 1). Add’l period of oversight in the aftermath of prison SEH completion. Conditions of ES: Complete an AODA and any follow thru as recommended; the defendant must maintain absolute sobriety, may not be present upon the premises of any bars, and is prohibited from possessing/ingesting any impairing substances that have not been prescribed by a physician; Court Costs to include any unfulfilled obligations as to 16CF-33 and as to Ct 1 18CF 32 an add’l cost $95 purchase money added; same conditions to apply to the period of probation ordered consecutive to period of incarceration. DOC authorized to collect from any wages held in trust account for payment. 

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