Waushara County releases property transfers

*5/4/18 Theodore Johnson to Jennifer M. Driebel, Town of Mt. Morris, $169,372. *5/4/18 Donna J. Leroy to Ronald A. Gutzman, Town of Springwater. *5/4/18 Scott A. and Richard J. Geller, Jr., to Michael D. and Heide L. Johnson, Town of Dakota,     $1,000. *5/4/18 David S. Bieri to Janett M. Anderson, Town of Springwater, $30,000. *5/4/18 Corinne A. Andersen to Michael A. Koeune, Town of Leon, $130,000. *5/4/18 Robert W. Steele to Federal National Mortgage Association, Town of Mt. Morris,     $196,100. *5/7/18 Steven G. Frei to Steven G. Frei and Janice H. Frei, Trustees of the Frei Joint Revocable     Trust, Town of Springwater, $324,800. *5/7/18 960 Valley Road, LLC to Twisted Oak Properties, LLC, Town of Aurora, $85,000. *5/7/18 Phyllis P. Gaatz to Joshua L. Gaatz, City of Wautoma, $110,000. *5/7/18 Joshua L. Gaatz to Michael M. and Amy L. Golesh, City of Wautoma, $110,000. *5/7/18 Mary’s Place on Silver Lake, LLC to Mark E. and Mary M. Mullen, $414,000. *5/7/18 Mackenzy R. and Julia A. Naber to Ryan T. Parks, Town of Mt. Morris, $183,000. *5/7/18 William and Dianne McDermott to The William J. McDermott Revocable Trust, Town of     Deerfield, $209,100. *5/8/18 Janis Kaukis to Corporate Guardians of Northeast Wisconsin as guardian of the estate     of Katharina L. Kaukis, City of Wautoma, $80,000. *5/8/18 Corporate Guar-dian of Northeast Wisconsin as guardians of the estate of Katharina L.     Kaukis, City of Wautoma, $80,000. *5/9/18 Robert Bray to Justin T. and Lindsey J. Hess, City of Wautoma, $96,000. *5/9/18 James K. Stafford to Neil A. Stafford, Town of Deerfield, $513,000.