Waushara County property transfers June 6-June 12

*6/06/18 Michael R. and Lynette R. Bruette to Gary M. and Carol K. Christian, Town of Bloomfield, $107,000. *6/06/18 Cindy M. Baciak to Thomas E. and Michelle L. Benton, Town of Marion, $88,500. *6/07/18 Katheryn M. Andersen to Nichole J. Boelter Tessen and Matthew E. Tessen, Town of Bloomfield, $97,600. *6/07/18 Dave Mathison to Tonya Mathison, Town of Saxeville, $49,100. *6/07/18 Gary L. Weyenberg to Erik C. Weyenberg, Town of Wautoma, $50,800. *6/07/18 Elver G. and Susan J. Grimm to Ronald Vallery, Jr., Town of Wautoma, $205,000. *6/07/18 Robert Guy Brooks to David D. Peterson, Village of Lohrville, $84,400. *6/07/18 Teresa Ring to Dennis J. and Traci R. Snedden, Town of Coloma, $120,000 *6/08/18 Peter R. Johnson to Et Alia, LLC, City of Wautoma, $306,100. *6/08/18 Daniel Slattery to Michael J. Szczepanski, Town of Richford, $20,000. *6/11/18 Sara L. Beach to Ben and Kristy Schmidt, Town of Saxeville, $255,000. *6/11/18 Karen J. Fahey to Katrina M. Lett, Town of Saxeville, $9,500. *6/11/18 Howard Dahl to Howard J. Dahl Living Trust, Town of Springwater, $136,100. *6/11/18 Lambrecht Dis-tributing Inc to John R. and Dawn M. Wenninger, City of Wautoma, $3,500. *6/11/18 James A. Lucas Management Trust to Wesley Sturm, Town of Coloma, $38,150. *6/11/18 Richard M. Detlor to Andrew Lauer, Town of Oasis, No payment. *6/12/18 John A. Warren to Paul and Sarah Strohbusch, Town of Marion, $365,000. *6/12/18 William C. and Janeen M. Pawlacyk to Krystal M. Culver, Town of Warren, $130,400. *6/12/18 Timothy C. Mcauliffe to Jodi L. Caves, City of Wautoma, $91,000. *6/12/18 Brian S. Miller to Nathan A. and Cassandra A. Roemer, Village of Wild Rose, $72,000.