Property transfers in Waushara County


•06/10/2020: Karyn J. Radek to Larry and Peggy Koeppen, Town of Marion, $46,000.

•06/10/2020: Debroah M. Gardetto to David A. Giesfeldt, Town of Marion, $12,000.

•06/10/2020: Estate of Donna Lee Teschner to Ernesto G. Castillo, Town of Mount Morris, $125,000.

•06/10/2020: Lakeview Loan Servicing to Baja Restorations, LLC, Village of Lohrville, $26,500.

•06/11/2020: Ralph J. Woldt to Joseph L. Metzen, Town of Mount Morris, $3,500.

•06/11/2020: Gregory Slominski to John A. Konop and Bonita A. Konop, Town of Springwater, $16,000.

•06/12/2020: Carole A. Ceman to Troy M. Youngbauer, Town of Aurora, $92,775.

•06/12/2020: Christopher J. and Keri M. Bartz to Tanner M. Rosin, Town of Wautoma, $190,000.

•06/12/2020: Mae M. Lauritzen to Gabe’s Top it or Drop it Tree Service LLC, Village of Wild Rose, $68,000.

•06/15/2020: Kevin Kiss-inger to Cynthia J. and Daniel A. Hertzberg, Town of Leon, $73,000.

•06/15/2020: Merlin D. and Bonnie B. Resop to Danielle and Dane Munsch, Town of Aurora, $340,000.

•06/15/2020: Bernice J. Baranyk to Gary & Margaret Sutherland, Town of Wautoma, $189,900.

•06/15/2020: Cloverbay LLC to Rocky Ridge Tree Farm LLC, Town of Wautoma, $460,000.

•06/15/2020: Thomas E. Raimann to Patrick M. Bartz, Town of Rose, $20,000.

•06/15/2020: David M. Winter to Henry D. Erickson, Town of Bloomfield, $65,900.


•06/15/2020: Grootmeier Investments to Daniel D. & Erin L. Draheim, Town of Bloomfield, $120,000.


•06/16/2020: Anna Rae Properties, LLC to Coloma Self Storage, LLC, Village of Coloma, $320,000.

•06/16/2020: Patricia R. Monroe to David & Jean Chapman, Town of Poy Sippi, $175,000.

•06/16/2020: Neal E. and Cathy L. Manske to Sarah Massey, Town of Marion, $215,000.

•06/16/2020: Catherine M. Welk N/K/A Crosetto to Kurt B. Bauman, Town of Marion, $425,000.