Property transfers in Waushara County


•06/17/2020: Janice E. Hall to Monica J. Hedglin, Town of Plainfield, $210,000.

•06/18/2020: Gary J. McChesney to Michael Burt, City of Wautoma, $85,000.

•06/18/2020: Donna L. Anderson Estate to Rodney G. and Patricia C. Weis, Town of Springwater, $230,000.

•06/19/2020: Cloverbay LLC. to David A. and Christa J. Knepfel, Town of Wautoma, $62,000

•06/19/2020: David G. Teske to Robert and Rosemary Starasinich, Town of Marion, $26,000.

•06/22/2020: Matthew R. Guetzke to Alfredo Garcia, Village of Plainfield, $35,000.


•06/22/2020: Joseph L. Verhagen to Jay R. and Sara L. Wildner, Town of Mount Morris, $272,500.

•06/23/2020: Maryanne Tarkowski to Dean Tarkowski, Town of Bloomfield, $112,100.

•06/23/2020: Gary B. Burton to Tammy Wagner, Town of Dakota, $15,000.

•06/23/2020: Ryan J. and Sunshine D. Lease to Thomas J.E. Sahotsky, Village of Redgranite, $107,000.

•06/23/2020: James and Mary Patten to Dennis Carl and Gail Lokker, Village of Redgranite, $117,000.

•06/23/2020: James E. & Kimberly S. Baxter to Ryan J. and Sunshine D. Lease, Town of Richford, $157,000.