Property transfers recorded in Waushara County

•0205/20: PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Town of Wautoma, $109,300.

•02/05/20: Clark D. and Mary Ann Reilly to Larry L. and Elizabeth A. Wise, City of Wautoma, $35,000.

•02/05/20: Cathleen Wick-man to Las Properties AZ LLC, Town of Rose, $13,000.


•02/06/20: Mary Timm to Dean S. Timm, Town of Saxeville, $20,000.

•02/07/20: Michael Longo Jr. to Simon A. Nichols, Town of Leon, $16,000.

•02/07/20: Randall W. Mirr to Jeanna L. Jameson, Town of Aurora, $13,600.

•02/07/20: Perry G. Zeeb to David J. Sr and M. Susan Macikas and David J. II and Amanda M. Macikas, Town of Hancock, $130,000.

•02/10/20: Scott Zimmer-mann to Eric J. Huser, Town of Leon, $185,000.

•02/10/20: Rodney W. and Sally M. Lungwitz to Self-Stor, LLC, Village of Redgranite, $249,980.

•02/10/20: Arlene K. Heeren and Charles W. Heeren III to Thomas H. Weekly, Town of Plainfield, $160,000.

•02/10/20: Monica M. Thomas and Rosella J. Hewitt to Michael J. Woreck, Joy L. Woreck, Daniel C. Keller, and Barbara A. Keller, Town of Dakota, $1,000.

802/10/20: Timothy W. Locke to Coloma Area Prop-erties, LLC, Town of Coloma, $35,000.


•02/10/20: Dennis J. Flanagan to Paul R. Getchel, Town of Leon, $110,000.