Property transfers recorded in Waushara County

•8/28/19: Leanne L. Falck to George M. and Sara J. Kirwan, Town of Marion, $125,000.

•8/28/19: Dale D. Kovalski and Diane M. Iwanski to Rick E. and Diana L. Dickey, City of Wautoma, $105,000.

•8/28/19: Maria A Ramirez and Jesus Ramirez Jr to Jesus Ramirez Jr., Town of Wautoma, $71,680.

•8/29/19: John R. and June M. Zrofsky to Jeffrey Allen and Laura Sue Bruns, Town of Hancock, $155,000.

•8/29/19: Christopher and Laura Bahr to LACS LLC, Town of Mount Morris, $595,000.

•8/29/19: William R. and Bernadine M. Schmitt to Scott W. Schmitt, Town of Springwater, $110,000.

•8/29/19: R. Paul and Gail A. Staege to Randall R. Maderich and Debra Fobbe, Town of Hancock, $137,000.

•8/29/19: Michelle Schrei to Jeffrey A. Schrei, Town of Poy Sippi, $55,000.

•8/29/19: Charles F. and Barbara Kolpin to Aaron and Dawn Bartel, Town of Poy Sippi, $15,000.

8/29/19: James Grant Jr to Shirley A. Andersen and Kelly G. Dykstra, Town of Marion, $11,700.

•8/29/19: Russell R. Grant to Shirley A. Andersen and Kelly G. Dystra, Town of Marion, $11,200.

•8/30/19: Estate of John A. Ladwig A/K.A. John Ladwig to Lucas Hamm and Phillip Hamm, Town of Deerfield, $65,000.

•8/30/19: Jeffrey D. and Stephanie M. Krueger to Tia Petit, Town of Leon, $86,900.


•8/30/19: William R. Tollard and Nicholas M. Schertz to Christopher J. Marvin, Town of Warren, $60,000.

•8/30/19: Bradley F. Kososki Jr to Al B. Lee, Town of Leon, $95,000.