2019 Waushara Country Club Ladies League Front row: Judy Beggs, Judie Fjellman, Kathy Larson, Terry Allbaugh, Judy Lee, Liz, Spees, Susan Louthain, Linda Justin. Row 2: (Standing) Pat Harrington, Kay Engstrom, Jeanne Ransom. Row 3: Linda Peterson, Linda Bacon, Nanci Maes, Selma Glunn, Joyce Weisjohn, Sue Bandt, Wendy Wasielewski, Bev Yahnke. Row 4: Joni Singer, Jean Bartel, Donna Timm, Deb McCall, Rachael Pavlic, Jan Schwarz. Back row: Karen Simolon, Mary Kons, Sandra Honl, Donna Bandt, Julie Stouffer, and

Waushara Country Club Ladies hold Fall Awards Luncheon on Sept. 18

Waushara Country Club, Wednesday Ladies League held their Fall Awards Luncheon at Silvercryst on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Outgoing President Linda Peterson thanked members for their help and support during her 3 years as the League President. Past President Judie Fjellman presented Linda with a gift in appreciation for all her time and talent spent as President. Officers for next year were introduced: Joni Singer, President; Karen Jasinski, Treasurer; Karen Simolon, Secretary.

Awards presented were: 9 Holes Low Putts, Class B: Julie Stouffer & Donna Timm. 9 Holes Low Putts, Class A: Julie Dunlap & Sue Pilsl. 9 Holes Low Putts, Champ: Joyce Weisjohn. 18 Holes Low Putts, Class A: Selma Glunn. 18 Holes Low Putts, Champ: Denise Davis.

Most Improved Handicap Class B: Bev Yahnke. Class A: Sue Riendeau. Champ-Karen Johnson.

Low Net Winners for the year, 9 Holes-Class B: Julie Stouffer. 9 Holes-Class A: Linda Bacon. 18 Holes-Class A: Bev Wilson. 18 Holes-Champ: Liz Spees.

Low Gross Winners for the year, 9 Holes-Class B: Lindy Swenson. 9 Holes-Class A: Julie Dunlap. 9 Holes-Champ: Joyce Weisjohn, 18 Holes- Class A: Terry Allbaugh. 18 Holes-Champ: Donna Bandt.

Ringer Score Winners, Lakeview: Sue Riendeau, Westwoods: Liz Spees, Bridges: Patti Alberti.

Chairman for the luncheon were Jeanne Ransom, Linda Justin and Wasielewski.