Greg, Gavin, 7, and Gabby Giebel, 8, of Wautoma, put glow gear on in preparation for the Walk-the-Waush Glow Walk at Willow Creek Park, adjacent to Nordic Mountain, Mt. Morris, on Sept. 7.

Walk-the-Waush participants end season with Glow Walk

Walk-the-Waush had many participants this year, and they traveled to Willow Creek Park, Mt. Morris, on Sept. 7 for some awards and a Glow Walk.

Randy Bacon was the top walker at 404.1 miles, and won the prize drawing for his category. Kathy Kehl won the prize drawing for her mileage category, walking 138 miles, while Maureen Skuban won a prize, waling 82 miles. Meghan Zimmer walked 42.86 miles and won a prize drawing in her category. Peter Quella won a prize drawing for his category, having walked 27 miles.