Trinity Lutheran Church to host Vacation Bible School

Trinity Lutheran Church, LCMS will be hosting VBS starting Monday, July 29-Thursday, Aug. 1. All children of the community, age 4–13, are invited to attend. Register by calling the church at 920-787-2891. Please leave a message or arrive early on Monday, July 29.

VBS will start at 5 p.m. and end at 7:30 p.m. As part of the program, students will receive a sample copy of The Work of His Hands: A View of God’s Creation from Space, photographed and written by Colonel Jeffrey N. Williams, who was part of a 10 day space shuttle mission in 2000 and spent six months at the International Space Station in 2006.

Along with the children’s VBS, Pastor Rohde will be leading an Adult Bible Study during the same time as VBS, which is open to the community. Make plans to join in as attendees take a look at the Biblical perspective of creation; learning how God’s will to create reveals a will to love by the free giving of Himself and all that is His.  God, precisely as the absolute Creator, relates to the world essentially as the gracious Giver.


Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 121 W. Elm Street, Wautoma. Please bring your child/children, your grandchildren, or even yourself and join us for a week of worship, learning, singing, crafts, and fun.