Todd Wahler speaks at Wautoma Kiwanis meeting

On Dec. 13, the Wautoma Kiwanis Club welcomed Todd Wahler as their guest speaker at the morning meeting held at Culver’s, Wautoma. Todd has been the head of the Zoning and Land Conservation Office since Nov. 2017. Todd grew up in Waupaca but moved here from out east to take this job and is happy to be living back in this area. He explained that there are three zoning classifications with sub zoning categories in each. Currently he is working on updating the zoning rules and has an open door policy for anyone to stop in or call to ask questions on zoning. Improving the work place environment, adding more fun, and encouraging his employees to be free thinkers are other important changes he implemented. Another area that Todd is part of is the Land Conservation, and in August they have a program for Middle School kids that is held at Camp Lucerne with the DNR and Army Corp of Engineers and many others. They have 11 stations for children to visit and explore all the different activities. This event is three days with each day a different school systems taking part. If you are interested in learning more about the Wautoma Kiwanis Club, come to any meeting; guests are always welcome. Check out the Wautoma Kiwanis website to see who the speakers will be at