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Pastor Michael & Sara Thomas speak to Kiwanis

On Oct. 31, the Wautoma Kiwanis Club welcomed Pastor Michael Thomas and his wife Sara of Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma, to their morning breakfast meeting at Culver’s, Wautoma, to speak about their trip to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco on Sept. 14-29. Portugal is the top producer of cork, and they make many items, such as clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry out of it. Cork comes from cork trees. Every 10 years they cut the bark off the tree, but this doesn’t kill the tree. After the bark is harvested, they mark the tree so in another 10 years the bark will be harvested again. Portugal also considers their country the top producer of olives, but then so do Spain and Morocco. Morocco grows lots of dates and it was harvest season while they visited. Pastor Michael and Sara visited a Morocco Market Place that had narrow streets with the stores on each side and small vehicles driving amongst the people. When making a purchase, you barter with the shop keeper for a price. Visit to learn more about the Wautoma Kiwanis and see who each months speakers will be.