Melissa Zamzow speaks at Wautoma Kiwanis meeting

On Dec. 27, the Wautoma Kiwanis Club welcomed fellow Wautoma Kiwanis member Melissa Zamzow, who is also the Clerk of Courts, to speak at their breakfast meeting held at Culvers. Melissa has been working in the court system for 20 years and started at the Clerk of Courts office in 2011. In 2011, there were 10 staff members and currently have seven staff members. The Clerk of Courts send out the paperwork to find people for jury duty. Melissa said they get their names from the DMV, so if you have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license or Wisconsin ID and live in Waushara County, you could be picked to serve on jury duty. Court Commissioners do bond hearings, paternity hearing, foreclosures, non-contested divorces, and small claim cases. Other cases are heard in front of Judge Dutcher. Clerk of Courts also do adoptions, and as of Jan. 1, 2019, passports will no longer be received at the Clerk of Courts Office but rather at the County Clerk’s Office. Melissa told Kiwanis when a person comes in to fill out paper work for a small claims case, for example, no one in the office can help them fill it out since they are not an attorney. But they have instruction books to aid people. A person can now do small claims for up to $10,000, whereas before the limit was $5,000. Follow the Wautoma Kiwanis Club on their website at