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Mary Robl advises to test home for Radon

The Wautoma Kiwanis Club welcomed Mary Robl to the Nov. 21 breakfast morning meeting held at Culver’s in Wautoma. Mary Robl started with the Tri County Environmental Health Consortium in 2011 with the majority of her job being the health inspector for Waushara County but she also is in charge of Waushara, Marquette, Green Lake and Portage Counties for the state of Wisconsin for Radon. Mary explained how radon is found naturally in the ground but will find its way into your house through cracks in the floor and walls. Living in a house with high radon levels puts you at risk for lung cancer, and if you smoke your risk of lung cancer raises by 10 times. January is radon awareness month, and you can purchase your own radon test kit at a reduced price in January. This is an easy and cheap test to find out your homes’ level. Test kits are available at the Health Department at 230 W. Park St., Wautoma, or you can call Mary Robl at 920-787-6548 with any question about price. To learn more about radon you can call 1-888-LOW-RADON or check out, where there is a map complied from homes tested done by zip code showing the hot spots in Wisconsin. You can also find contractors at this website. Mary came with many test kits for Kiwanis members to purchase. Radon is a gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste, but it is very dangerous. Protect yourself and your family and test your home for radon.