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Joel Jarvis speaks at Wautoma Kiwanis meeting

On June 6, the Wautoma Kiwanis Club welcomed Joel Jarvis as their guest speaker at their monthly dinner meeting at Silvercryst, Wautoma. Joel’s wife Sandy is a Wautoma Kiwanis member, and last year Joel went up to the Apostle Islands to volunteer as a Lighthouse Keeper for three weeks. Joel was on Raspberry Island, the most visited island of the 22 islands where he gave tours to the public. Raspberry Island is one of the six islands that have a lighthouse on it. A fun fact Joel gave the club was that Lake Superior has the most water out of all the great lakes and it would take one Lake Michigan, one Lake Heron, one Lake Ontario, and four Lake Erie’s to fill up Lake Superior. All the lighthouses are now powered by solar lights, so a Lighthouse Keeper is really no longer needed, and the Coast Guard is in charge of maintaining them. The light will blink three times every 10 seconds, and they also have fog horns that blow every three seconds out of 17 second cycle when it is foggy. The Apostle Islands is part of the National Parks Service and tours are available. The lighthouse on Raspberry Island is 40-feet tall and the drop to the water is another 40-feet. A duplex house is on the island with the lighthouse between them. One side of the duplex is restored to the way it was in the early 1900s that the public gets to tour along with going up into the lighthouse and the other side is where Joel lived while volunteering there. This was a lifelong dream Joel had to work at a lighthouse, and he plans to go back again.