Laddie Streijc uses his navy experience to tie the knots to secure the flag to the flag pole while Bill Johnston, George Foster, and Bill Schmudlach help keep the flag off the ground.

Hancock/Coloma American Legion Post 343 raised new flag pole

The Hancock/Coloma American Legion Post 343 erected a new flag pole in Coloma on Aug. 25. The pole, which is taller than the surrounding poles, takes the honored position in the middle of a half crescent of flag poles that represent the American Legion and the branches of the military. It will fly the American flag with the POW/MIA flag below.

“We are selling the tiles to honor those we love and raise money to purchase the larger flag pole for both Hancock and Coloma,” commented Bill Johnston. “The bricks will be placed on cement slabs beside the 155 Howitzers that are at each site. It’s important to remember tiles are to honor anyone, not just veterans.”


The bricks are 8x8 and are still available at both the Coloma and Hancock displays. Dedication at both sites will take place sometime during the week of Veteran’s Day. The bricks can be ordered online at

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