Linda Krell, Phil Brewer, Bill Zick, Linda Zick, and Dr. Felix Navarro proudly display the sign announcing the new Hancock Community Garden. Best Pea Picking Committee residents that were not present for the photo include Sue Dietz, Deb Peterson, DuWayne Pliner, and Dennis Lackey.

Hancock to construct Community Garden 2019

On Sept. 15, representatives of the Hancock Best Pea Picking Festival along with community residents and Dr. Felix Navarro, Supervisor of the UW Research Center-Hancock, dedicated a vacant Main Street lot to become the Hancock Community Gardens. The vacant lot was donated for use by longtime Hancock business owner and resident, Phil Brewer.

There are 10 plots available to Hancock village residents to signup to use in Spring, 2019.  Dr. Navarro and his staff will assist in assessing the best way to create these plots into successful producing gardens. They are offering guidance, equipment for preparation of the soil, as well as providing seeds and seedlings for gardeners.

Village residents will be able to begin signing up for plots at the Hancock Library Annual Christmas Craft Fair on Nov. 17 at the Hancock Community Center. Applications for plots can also be made at the Portage State Bank, The Library, and the Village Offices after Nov. 17.


This exciting project will be overseen by the Best Pea Picking committee. The committee will work to have the plots planting ready for early May, 2019. For more information contact Linda Zick at