Evan Gruszka

Evan Gruszka speaks at Wautoma Kiwanis Club

The Wautoma Kiwanis Club had Evan Gruszka as their guest speaker at the July 19 morning meeting held at Culver’s. In June, Evan went to the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar at UW-Whitewater with the help of a Wautoma Kiwanis sponsorship. Evan is going to be a Junior at Wautoma High School this fall and was one of 250 sophomores picked from 60,000 in the state to attend this seminar. When the sophomores arrived they are split up into 25 groups of 25 students each. Groups are then able to attend different classes to help them learn to handle situations outside their comfort zone. Evan was in a personal growth class and a meditation class. Evan was also part of “the Ice Cream Game” but there was no real ice cream involved only post-it notes representing the ice cream. This was a game that showed the sophomores how life is not always fair for various reasons and how to try and make changes for the better. The sophomores also took part of their day to get out and do some volunteering in downtown Watertown with clean up and landscaping. Evan felt he was lucky to be chosen to attend this seminar and has learned a lot that he hopes to be able to use in life and when he starts school this fall. Evan is also a Key Club member at the Wautoma High School, and Key Club is part of the Kiwanis family.