Christian Women’s Club to meet at Silvercryst Aug. 20

Are you looking for an afternoon that will give you an opportunity to meet new friends, serve you a delicious lunch, enjoy a talented distinctive feature and hear an inspirational speaker?  Wautoma Area Christian Women’s Club is inviting area residents to attend their meeting at Silvercryst Supper Club on Monday,  Aug. 20 at  noon for an entertaining afternoon.  Everyone is invited, there are no membership fees or dues and any religious affiliation would be among friends and feel welcome.

The definition of “Repurpose” is “to give new purpose or use to an object used for entirely different purpose”.  Typically, repurposing is done using items usually considered to be junk, garbage, or obsolete.  Another word for it is “Upcycle”.

Ruth Holly, Omro, has made a hobby of upcycling  using old, misfit or forlorn ties and creating stylish and unique purses.  There is nothing more rewarding than turning an old, out of style necktie into a beautiful new creation.    

Ruth loves to shop for unique ties and the jewelry to embellish each purse to make it a work of art and a one of a kind.  She is a lifelong Wisconsin resident, mom of four and retired RN.  She will bring a variety of purses and can create a “memory” tie from  your own collection.

Wautoma Area Christian Women’s Club is happy to welcome DeLores Liesner from Racine who will share her story “From Mayhem to Miracles.” DeLores will tell how she found purpose despite an abusive past.

The Christian Women’s Club sponsors a “Prayer Coffee” which is held on the Monday before the outreach meeting.     Anyone interested in sharing your home by hostessing a “Prayer Coffee” please speak to Karen Douma.    It is a   morning of prayer and friendship beginning with coffee at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 11.


Everyone is invited to the luncheon and program.  There is a charge and reservations are necessary.  If you would like to make a reservation or cancel, please call 920-787-9093 or 920-787-3645.  Reservations are due the week before the meeting.   Please remember that the kitchen prepares for reservations. If you cannot attend, please cancel or pass on your reservation to a friend.   If you would like to attend and do not have transportation, call one of the above numbers.