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September Plant of the Month—Japanese Anemone

September’s plant of the month is the Japanese Anemone. This plant is also known as Anemone japonica, and they are among the loveliest of the late season bloomers, sometimes blooming into October.

All thrive in rich soil and in full sun (with some afternoon shade) and all resent soil that stays too moist during the winter months. Most are quite shade tolerant. In fact, Anemone vitifolia “Robustissima” is an amazing perennial choice for dry shade-a location very difficult to find a perennial that does exceptionally well, plus does well in heat, cold, full sun, and drought. They are a member of the buttercup family of plants (Ranunculaceae) and are native to China, Japan, and Nepal.

The foliage is attractive, reminiscent of maple leaves, and has few pests. The plants are shallow rooted and spread vigorously to the point of being invasive if grown in ideal conditions. Flowers are borne in clusters on wiry stalks and are only in shades of pink and white. There are both single and double flowered varieties. Flowers range from 1-3 inches across and have a daisy-like appearance.


Blooming usually begins at the very end of summer, though “Robustissima” starts a month earlier than the rest. The flower stalks range from two to five feet tall depending on the variety. The plants are long lived and quite durable. They need to be kept well-watered during dry spells in order to keep the foliage looking good.

The most common varieties include: Honorine Jobert, with large white single blooms at 30-48 inches; Pamina has double rose-red blooms and grows to 30 inches; Queen Charlotte is a beautiful pink variety and tops out at 30 inches; September Charm has deep rose flowers and is 24-36 inches tall; Whirlwind is one of the more common white with semi-double blooms.


This information was obtained from Klein’s Newsletter.