The Yeska Brothers family includes Ken and Carolann, Dan and Sharon, and Randy and Megan.

Yeska Brothers purchase Whispering Pines Tree Farm

Dave and Mary Vander Velden are excited to announce the sale of Whispering Pines Tree farm to Dan, Ken and Randy Yeska of Yeska Brothers’ Farm, Wild Rose.

Oconto’s Whispering Pines Tree Farm was sold on June 3, 2019 by Mary and Dave Vander Velden to Yeska Bros. Farm of Wild Rose. Mary and Dave have worked with the Yeska’s in the Christmas tree business for several years and a strong connection developed.  As the Vander Veldens looked at their strategic plan they realized the Yeska family shared their values of family, honesty and the importance of hard work.

Vander Veldens established Whispering Pines in 1984 with 16 acres of land.  Expansion and improvements have continued each year as Dave’s vision of a family holiday experience became a reality. Families can come to the farm to experience a ride on the Whispering Pines Express to cut their own Christmas Tree, take pictures with Santa, shop in the log cabin gift shop and spend time warming up with hot chocolate.

The Yeska’s, Dan, Ken and Randy, wholesale trees from their central Wisconsin farm and are thrilled to expand their farming operation.   Besides raising Christmas trees they specialize in potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, jalapeno peppers, and canning crops. Sisters-in-law, Sharon, Carolann and Megan will play an integral part in the day to day operations of the gift shop, the spring tree sale and nursery stock.

Christmas 2019 will find many familiar faces working at Whispering Pines and the Vander Veldens will be consulting with the Yeska’s.  The Yeska’s have been working alongside Dave and Mary to ensure a seamless transition and to uphold the quality of service Whispering Pines customers have come to enjoy.

Whispering Pines Tree Farm has won top honors in National and State Christmas Tree Contests.

The Majestic Fir, of Whispering Pines Tree Farm, Oconto, has proven itself a winner.  In fact, these trees, exclusive to Whispering Pines won accolades at both the national and state level competition.  Mary and Dave Vander Velden entered a Majestic Fir for Whispering Pines at the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) summer meeting in North Abington Township, PA and won National Reserve Grand Champion. In 2020 Whispering Pines will have the honor of providing a Christmas tree for the Vice President’s official residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory.

Chris Duffy, a long time member of the Whispering Pines family, entered a Majestic Fir in the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association contest and won Grand Champion on Aug. 16 in Waldo.  Whispering Pines will have the honor to present a tree for display in the Governor’s Conference Room this Christmas Season.  Chris and Whispering Pines are eligible to enter a tree in the National Christmas Tree Association tree contest in 2021.

The National Christmas Tree Association has provided trees to the White House since 1966. Whispering Pines earned this honor in 2016 and presented the official White House Christmas tree to First Lady Michele Obama. During the  NCTA summer meeting Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winners were chosen to provide trees to the White House and the Vice President’s house for 2019 and 2020.

The Majestic Fir tree is an exclusive seed source Dave and Chris have been developing over several years.