Louise Schreiner sells fresh South Carolina peaches on the corner of W. Main Street and S. Scott Street from 10 am-5 pm starting Tuesday and going until the weekly supply runs out.

Wautoma welcomes back South Carolina Peach stand

    As many locals have already noticed, the fresh peach stand that graced Wautoma last year is back again. These aren’t the typical peaches you buy at the grocery store. When the Argus stopped by to have a taste, the reporter was surprised by how fresh, juicy, and delicious these fruits were.     This peach stand is affiliated with Evergreen Thrift Store, but Louise Schreiner is the woman running the stand. Her two children, Onycha and Micaiah, help her sell these tasty treats, and they never pass up the opportunity to eat a peach. When the Argus asked Onycha and Micaiah if they would be willing to have their photo taken while eating a peach, their faces lit up and they instantly ran to the pile of peaches. It’s nice to see the youth excited about eating a healthy snack.     Louise’s family moved to Wautoma last year, and she met Liz Fritz, the owner of Evergreen Thrift Store, at their church Evergreen Center, Almond. Louise first got started with this peach stand that same year, when Liz asked her if she would be willing to sell these peaches. Liz describes choosing Louise as a gut feeling. “Louise is an honest and reliable friend,” Liz said. Liz noted that when it came to this peach stand, she wanted to invest in more than just fruit—she wanted to invest in people. Because Louise’s children help with the selling of peaches, Liz hopes Onycha and Micaiah will continue to help every summer and potential. lly take over for their mother in the future.

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