Waushara County Health Department explains Influenza and Coronavirus 19 and symptoms

There are many questions about the Coronavirus (COVID 19) that started in Wuhan, China and has now spread to other countries. As of today, there is only one positive case in Wisconsin. That person is recovering.

This is a good time to discuss any respiratory disease such as COVID 19 and seasonal influenza.  At this time, seasonal influenza has not reached its peak in Wisconsin. As of the end of February, Wisconsin had 525 persons hospitalized with three childhood deaths from influenza. We expect to have a high number of influenza cases continue for at least one more month. Approximately 36,000 people die from seasonal influenza in the United States annually.

The symptoms of influenza and Coronavirus COVID19 start with fever and cough.  They may also include: sore throat, chills, headache, muscle aches and fatigue.  Both can lead to pneumonia.

Seasonal Influenza vaccine is recommended to all ages over 6 months and especially individuals at high risk of developing complications of influenza.

High risk is defined as the following:

• All children aged 6-23 months

• Adults 65 years and older

• Persons aged 2-64 with underlying
chronic medical conditions

• All women who will be pregnant
during the flu season

• Residents of nursing homes and long
term care facilities

• Children 6 months to 18 years on
chronic aspirin therapy

• Health care workers with direct patient

It takes about two weeks for protection to develop after the vaccination.  The vaccine must be received every year as the influenza viruses are always changing.  Persons receiving the vaccine may still get influenza but for most people it prevents serious illness. Waushara County Health Department still has seasonal vaccine available for those 65 and older. Call 920-787-6590 today to get an influenza shot.  For those under the age of 65, the Aurora Pharmacy and the Hometown Pharmacy have flu vaccine or call your local medical provider.

Influenza vaccine is also recommended for:

• Persons age 50 and over

• Persons working or living with high
risk individuals

• Persons who provide essential
community services (police, fire,
EMS, etc)

• Persons in institutional settings

• Travelers to areas with high influenza

Presently, there is not a vaccine for COVID19.

Protect your family from Seasonal Influenza and COVID 19 by:

• Washing your hands often with soap
and water, or use an alcohol-based
hand sanitizer.

• Cover your cough or sneeze with your
upper sleeve. If you use a tissue, throw
it away after one use.

• Use your own drinking cups and
straws. Do not share.

• Avoid being exposed to people who
are sick with flu-like symptoms.

• Stay home when you are sick.

• Eat nutritious meals, get plenty of rest,
and do not smoke.

• Get your  influenza shots for yourself
and your children if available

The situation of Coronavirus is still very new and the informatIon we know today can change tomorrow.  Waushara County Health Department is actively monitoring the situation to inform and provide services to residents as we receive frequent updates from the State and Federal Government.

To get the most updated news about Influenza and Coronavirus 19 visit:

The Centers for Disease Control website www.cdc.gov and search for the coronavirus page.

Waushara County Health Department website https://www.co.waushara.wi.us/ and      visit the public health department coronavirus page.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/