Introduction to Business students Azarian Cummins and Connor Armstrong invited Chris Armstrong to do a presentation about his job as Transportation Fleet Manager at Brakebush Chicken. The class is taught by Tracy Barbarich.

Community business leaders share valuable information with students

       Wautoma High School Business Teacher Tracy Barbarich assigned her
students in her Busi-ness Management/Entrepreneur-ship Class to contact a local business leader and schedule him or her to visit their classroom and make a presentation about their business. The students asked them to talk about their business, what led them to their career and entrepreneurship, and what advice they have for them in their future business pursuits.        The class is an elective and is articulated with the Introduction to Business Class at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC), resulting in students earning 3  FVTC credits if they pass the class with a “C” or higher. Course content includes the following: business environments and trends, economics and business, global business, business ethics and social responsibility, business formation and entrepreneurship, management and leadership, organizational structure, accounting and finance, productions and operations, human resources, and marketing concepts.  “We cover in one year what FVTC covers in one semester,” said Barbarich, who coordinates the curriculum with Teri Stark, FVTC instructor.          On March 15, Jim Rosin, who owns J&J Rosin Properties and Evergreen Group Homes, came to the classroom at the invitation of students Zack Nelson and Hannah Rosin. He explained what his business is all about, while also commenting on the fear of the unknown the comes from someone starting their own business. He also gave the students valuable advice, including some of the following: Take time to weigh the pros and cons and don’t make rash decisions, it’s okay to tell someone “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you” and make sure you follow through, and limit your debt (cash flow can kill a business).

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