Keep unwanted guests out of your home this fall by Pest-Proofing

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, minus one detail: those darn pesky critters looking to make your home their home for the winter. Especially for those that live in areas that have the combines rolling out to the fields for harvest, you have probably seen sides of your home and buildings covered in Asian Beetles and Boxelder Bugs already.

Or, you have started to see the occasional mouse trying to sneak their way into your home. Rather than grabbing the bug spray, mouse trap, or the exterminators’ number, let’s discuss what can be done to help decrease the chances of these unwanted guests joining you in your home.

There are many small things you can do in your home to help decrease these chances of the pests coming in to your home. Starting with an area that we use every day and may not look at too closely: the door ways to your home. Check to see if you have any gaps of light coming in between the door and the door frame. Make sure to lay on the floor and check the bottom of the door for light coming through from outside. If you are noticing any light around the door frame these are the areas the pests can get into your home.

To give you some perspective on how that little gap of light can affect your home, a mouse can fit through a gap that is only a quarter of an inch wide; that’s the diameter of a pencil. You can fix this problem by installing door sweeps at the base of your door.

Other options to help remove opportunities of critters getting into your home is to caulk any cracks around windows, doors, and rooflines to remove the gaps pests can crawl through or under. Also, sealing up any utility openings in the home, such as pipes and wires coming into the home from outside. In addition, look at your garage doors to see if there needs to be a new rubber seal applied to the bottom of the door to help keep the pests out.

Furthermore, take notice of your sliding doors by adding foam weather-stripping to the bottom track if there are gaps and fix any window or door screens that may have gaps and tears in them.

If you have issues with birds or rodents getting into your roof, crawl space, or attic, use a quarter inch mesh to help cover the spots they are getting in at in your home. Just be cautious and wear gloves while working with the mesh wire.

Additional things that can be done to pest proof your home include yard cleanup and removing any tree/bush limbs that may touch your home to remove entry points they can access. Utilizing pest resistant garbage containers that have lids with a tight seal and keeping them clean to help keep pests away.

Lastly, you can consider spraying an exterior insecticide treatment to help ward off the insects looking to come in to your home. You can go to your local lawn and garden shops to learn more about the right treatment to use for your area and pests you are trying to keep out.