Grazing Farm Business Management Meeting set for March 8

Waushara County Courthouse


Today, there is renewed interest in the practice of grazing cattle. Many areas of Wisconsin have hills and valleys which are not conducive to the production of grain crops but are much better suited to the practice of grazing cattle. This renewed interest has been due in large part to the practice of managed intensive grazing.

Managed intensive grazing is the practice of dividing a pasture into small parcels called paddocks and then moving the cattle from paddock to paddock on a frequent basis, many times this will be daily. It has been shown that managed grazing will provide greater forage production as well as reduced costs for forage harvesting and manure hauling.

On Friday, March 8, there will be an educational workshop meeting in the Demonstration Room at the Waushara County Courthouse, Wautoma. This workshop is for farmers to explore grazing and profitability, business management, and cost sharing opportunities such as EQIP. The meeting will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., with lunch provided. There is a fee for registration to cover costs, including lunch. Pre-registration is requested to make lunch arrangements. For more information or to register for this meeting, visit or call 715-343-6215.

Speakers for this seminar will include Serge Koenig, Conservation Specialist, Sauk County Conservation Planning and Zoning De-partment, who will discuss how rotational grazing may add to the profitability of a farm.

Aimee Schomurg, Farm Business and Production Man-agement instructor, Western Technical College, will show how farmers may gather and interpret their own financial data, assess a farms financial position, and identify possible options to make the business more profitable.


Caleb Zahn, District Con-servationist, Natural Re-sources Conservation Services, will provide an overview of conservation cost-share opportunities and solutions available to help producers achieve the goals of their operations.