Accidents recorded in Waushara County

•02/09/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 9:54 a.m. on STH 21 westbound, Town of Marion. Dylan Matthew Lee Halder, 20, Winneconne, attempted to turn into a parking lot, but he missed the driveway and drove into the ditch. His driver’s license was suspended. Citations for Fail to Control Vehicle and Operating After Suspension were issued.

•02/11/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 12:30 a.m. on Aspen Avenue, Town of Springwater. June M. Dubinske, 59, Wild Rose, failed to negotiate a curve and entered the ditch portion of the roadway where it struck multiple trees. The operator advised that the curve surprised her and that she believed she was going too fast for the conditions.

•02/12/20: A four-vehicle accident occurred at 4:20 p.m. on STH 21 Eastbound, Town of Marion. Jodie Marie Zitske, 51, Wautoma, was slowing in the eastbound land to make a left turn into W6450 State Road 21. Zitske was suddenly impacted in the rear by another eastbound vehicle. Zitske was pushed into the westbound lane of oncoming traffic. Thomas J. Flatt, 51, Wautoma, was traveling eastbound on State Road 21 and stated he had no clue what happened. Flatt stated he was driving and the air bags just went off. Flatt had heavy front end damage to his vehicle. Flatt was not wearing his seatbelt, and he came to rest in the south shoulder of the roadway and caught fire. Gisele Sue Zweck, 55, Wisconsin Rapids, was traveling westbound on State Road 21. Zweck observed what happened and swerved to miss Zitske, which was pushed into Zweck’s land of travel. Zweck was successfully able to go around Flatt and Zitske; however, the vehicle lost control and skidded out. Zweck slid across the westbound land and into a fourth vehicle, operated by Keith J. Rondou, 72, Wild Rose. Rondou was waiting in the driveway for traffic to pass, when Zweck’s front end slammed into the attached snowplow on Rondou’s vehicle. Zweck and Rondou became entangled. Zitske, Flatt, and Zweck were attended by EMS, and Zitske and Flatt were transported to the hospital by EMS. Citations were issued to Flatt for No Seat Belt, Fail to Control Vehicle, and Inattentive Driving. Two witnesses observed the crash and confirmed the stories.

•02/14/20: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 11:02 a.m. on N3825 STH 73 southbound, Town of Wautoma. Clara M. Losey, 70, Wautoma, pulled out of a private driveway onto State highway 73. Raymond J. Shultis, 70, Plover, was driving westbound on State Highway 73 and was illegally passing. Losey pulled onto the shoulder upon seeing Shultis and struck the trailer being pulled by Shultis. No injuries were reported.

•02/14/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 12:58 p.m. on CTH A westbound, Town of Springwater. Alexandra Marie Rosendahl, 20, La Crescent, MN, drifted off the roadway on the right and then over-corrected when she pulled the vehicle back onto the road, which caused her to lose control. The vehicle spun out of control and exited the road on the left, striking a sign post.

•12/14/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 4:20 p.m. on county Road F, Town of Warren. Christina Marie Slette, 35, Redgranite, lost control in the turn and put her vehicle in the ditch due to icy conditions. •02/14/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of 4th Avenue and Archer Ave, Town of Plainfield. Donovan Gregory Davis, 20, Jefferson, was driving at a high rate of speed. The driver continued through the intersection at Archer Avenue, disregarding the stop sign. The driver struck numerous trees at a high rate of speed. The driver was found lying on the roadway by a passenger. The driver had possible injuries and was transported by EMS.

•02/16/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 11 a.m. on CTH MM northbound, City of Wautoma. Michael James Kowalewski, failed to maintain control and drove in to the east ditch. The driver proceeded to over-correct and swerved into the oncoming lane. He ended up in the west ditch of County Road MM. Located within the vehicle were two open glasses of alcohol.


Deer Accidents:

•02/06/20: CTH F east-bound, Town of Warren. Scott J. Schaut, 33, Plainfield.

•02/12/20: 6:53 a.m., CTH A westbound, Town of Springwater. Michael Joseph Emmenegger, 39, Appleton.