Accidents recorded in Waushara County

•01/09/20: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 10:25 a.m. on the intersection of STH 21 westbound at Fairway View Ct, Town of Dakota. Benjamin Thomas Karbowski, 29, Wisconsin Rapids, was turning westbound onto State Highway 73. The driver slid through the intersection on the ice-covered road and was struck by Kathryn A. Mentzel Attoe, 62, Westfield, who was traveling westbound on State Highway 21/73. The traffic signal light post was damaged during the crash. No injuries were reported.


•01/09/20: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 10:25 a.m. on STH 73 southbound, Town of Dakota. Michael Paul Petroski, 40, Neshkoro, lost control on the ice-covered roadway and struck the vehicle operated by William Patoka, 68, Amherst, which was turning southbound on State Highway 73. No injuries were reported.

•1/09/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:30 a.m. on 12th Avenue, Town of Deerfield. Beverly J. Krueger, 64, Berlin, negotiated a slight left turn. Krueger lost control of the vehicle, causing it to cross the centerline and entered the west ditch of 12th Ave. The vehicle traveled through the ditch before striking trees and coming to rest outside the ditch on the west side.

•01/09/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 11:15 a.m. on STH 73 northbound, Town of Marion. Elizabeth J. Featherston, 79, Neshkoro, attempted to make a left turn to traveled westbound on CR-YY. The vehicle was in the middle of the turn when the operator lost control on the ice road. The vehicle slid through the intersection and entered the west shoulder of State Road 73. The vehicle entered the ditch and struck the DR-YY sign, knocking the post out of the ground. The vehicle came to rest in the west ditch of State Road 73.

•01/09/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:24 p.m. on Buttercup Ave, Town of Mount Morris. Kyle Ray Herr, 23, Wautoma, admitted that he had consumed intoxicants and was taken into custody. The investigation revealed that the driver lost control of the vehicle, nearly striking another vehicle. Herr’s vehicle then ran off the roadway and struck a metal fire number post and multiple trees. Herr stated that he lost control of the vehicle due to the icy road.

•01/10/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 8:10 a.m. on CTH O eastbound, Town of Rose. Alisha Anne Prasalowicz, 19, Friendship, attempted to slow but was unable to because of ice on the road. The brakes locked up and the vehicle began to slide. The vehicle slid into the south ditch and into a deep ravine. The vehicle came to a stop at the bottom of the ravine on top of scattered wood. No injuries were reported.

•01/10/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 9:15 a.m. on 830 High Street, Village of Wild Rose. Sean Patrick Mueller, 43, Neenah, was driving an ambulance, and was backing up to an overhang to get closer to the patient. The top portion of the ambulance hit the roof portion of the overhang.

•01/10/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 3:45 p.m. on N1173 CTH Y northbound, Town of Dakota. Carol D. Maciosek, 70, Muskego, was following another vehicle when she stated she must have hit ice, because she missed a curve. The road was clear with no snow or ice. The driver drove straight through the right hand turn and traveled into a tree line and struck a right turn sign. She then drove through a corn field for several hundred yards. The driver turned around and attempted to get out of the corn field by driving over a wire fence line and into the yard of N1173 but high centered the vehicle. The vehicle became stuck. A tow company arrived first on the scene and reported to law enforcement. Upon speaking to the driver, she had a small cut on the top of her head. The driver refused medical attention multiple times. Upon explaining to the driver the road was clear, she stated she did not know how she ended up in the field or how she missed the corner.

•01/10/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:18 p.m. on STH 21 eastbound, Town of Marion. Dinah Elizabeth Schmidt, 18, Redgranite, was going about 40 mph when she applied the brakes in a curve and the vehicle spun out on the snow-covered roadway. The vehicle crossed the centerline, went to the left shoulder, and struck two road signs. Schmidt was cited for Failure to Keep Control of Vehicle and Operating Without Proof of Insurance.

•01/11/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 5:37 a.m. on CTH F northbound, Town of Marion. Tammy Ann Collins, 27, Wautoma, reached a curve on County Road D near County Road Z. The vehicle slid across the centerline to the left shoulder where the vehicle slid into the ditch and came to rest on its roof. The driver stated that she hit her head on the steering when but refused EMS several times. Collins was arrested for OWI (1st) and cited for Driving Too Fast For Conditions.

•01/12/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 4 a.m. on 18th Ave, Town of Dakota.  Kayla Nicole Mailhot, 26, Neshkoro, failed to negotiate a curve. The vehicle went straight off the curve and travelled parallel to 18th Avenue, striking an oak tree on the east shoulder of 18th Avenue. The driver failed to report the crash and walked away from the scene. Open and closed intoxicants were located within the vehicle.


Deer Accidents:

•01/04/20: 5:01 p.m., CTH TT eastbound, Town of Saxeville. David Ryan Friday, 45, Pine River.

•01/09/20: 2:05 a.m., STH 73 southbound, Town of Rose. Robert Arlyn Clark, 26, Wautoma.