Accidents recorded in Waushara County

•12/19/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 3:06 p.m. on Cree Ave, Town of Richford. Emily Ann Schuh, 18, Wautoma, began to negotiate a curve on the hill crest. Schuh lost control of the vehicle on the snow and ice covered roadway. Schuh hit the shoulder of the roadway and then rolled 360 degrees before landing back on its wheels.

•12/24/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 6:55 a.m. on High Street, Village of Wild Rose. Eugene Paul Cudnohoski, 64, Green Bay, was backing into position to deliver goods to the nursing home. The driver began to straighten into the position next to the back door of the building, when he struck another vehicle that was legally parked in a parking stall.

•12/30/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 11:15 a.m. on S. Front Street, Village of Coloma. Jessie Lee Redmond, 66, Coloma, entered the traffic lanes from a business driveway, slid on the snow-covered road, and struck the vehicle operated by Timothy Lee Heller, 49, Coloma. One possible injury was reported.

•12/30/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 4:10 p.m. on CTH A eastbound, Town of Saxeville. Brandon Lloyd Wieland, 18, Pine River, lost control when accelerating on the snow-covered roadway, crossed the centerline, entered the north ditch, and struck small trees and shrubs.

•12/30/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 5:08 p.m. on Aniwa Road, Town of Oasis. Gregg A. Ruffalo, 64, Plainfield, proceeded to stop at the stop sign and then turned onto HWY 73 northbound. The driver lost traction due to the slippery roadway and accelerated too rapidly. The vehicle then slid into the ditch forwards and then backwards into a plastic utility marker post. The utility marker was not damaged. The odor of intoxicants was detected on the driver, but the driver passed fields with a PBT or .044.

•12/30/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 9:26 p.m. on CTH W eastbound, own of Mount Morris. Kemper C. Willcut, 41, Oakley, stated he was coming from Nordic Mountain Ski Area and was heading to his residence in Waupaca. Willcut was not familiar with the area and was going too fast with the snowy road conditions and the sharp corner. Willcut entered the corner too fast for the given road conditions. Willcut lost control of the vehicle, crossed the centerline into the north ditch, which caused the vehicle to overturn. The vehicle came to rest in the north ditch on the passenger side of the vehicle.

•12/31/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 9:58 a.m. on CTH AE southbound, Town of Saxeville. Gary Florian Ashenberg, 75, Pine River, was operating on the low, soft shoulder when he slid out of control on the snow-covered roadway. The driver entered the west ditch and struck a tree. The driver stated he moved over as oncoming traffic was taking up the middle of the road in his lane, and he got pulled into the ditch.

•12/31/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 12:24 p.m. on the intersection of STH 152 westbound and Chicago Ave, Town of Mount Morris. Jena Alyse Berglund, 18, West Haven, was traveling southbound on State Road 152 when she failed to negotiate a curve to the right at Chicago Avenue. She skidded out of control, went into the northbound lane of travel, and struck the vehicle operated by Daniel Yoder, 48, Coloma.

•12/31/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 2 p.m. on N2431 61 18th Ave, Town of Dakota. Tilor Julian How Bulpin, 21, Wautoma, failed to make a left turn on the snow/ice-covered lot and struck a southwest storage building. The owner called in the crash after the fact, approximately 1400 hours. The driver admitted to being a lone driver in the vehicle. He was not wearing his seat belt and stated he had never had a driver’s license. Bulpin is the owner’s daughter’s boyfriend.

•12/31/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 3:09 p.m. on CTH F northbound, Town of Marion. Mercedes Lucille Bennett, 19, Wautoma, failed to negotiate a curve to the right at County Road Z/ County Road NZ to continue north on County Road F. The vehicle slid out of control on the snow/slush-covered roadway, crossed the centerline, entered the west ditch, and struck two trees. The driver wasn’t going fast, but she had bald tires.

•12/31/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 6:40 p.m. on IH-39 northbound, Town of Coloma. David J. Brooks, 32, Mazomanie, proceeded to lose control and slide into the ditch. The vehicle hit a dip in the ditch and went airborne for approximately 20 feet. The driver then struck the outside metal post that held up the one mile to Coloma exit sign, causing major damage to the front of the unit. The vehicle then came to rest in the east ditch. The driver was cited for Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control, Operating While Suspended, and No Insurance. The driver was identified by a California photo driver’s license, but it was suspended through Wisconsin.

•12/31/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 8:39 p.m. on CTH E northbound, Town of Warren. Leonard Daniel Griffin, 26, Berlin, left the surface of the road and began to over correct, which caused him to lose control in the snow-covered roadway. This led to Griffin traveling through the ditch where the vehicle overturned before coming to rest on its wheels.

•01/02/20: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 7:40 a.m. on CTH C eastbound, Town of Hancock. Michelle Darlene Edwards, 46, Hancock, went to move over for an approaching snowplow, which was actively scraping the road. Edwards felt the passenger side of her vehicle over steer. The vehicle steered to the passenger side and across the westbound lane of County Road C. The vehicle entered the north ditch passenger side first. The vehicle struck and destroyed the mailbox at W12454. The vehicle traveled across the driveway and was stopped by a power pole.

Deer Accidents:

•12/23/19: 7:34 p.m., STH 21 eastbound, Town of Dakota. Timothy Lee Koterwski, 42, La Crosse.

•12/27/19: 7:20 p.m., STH 22 northbound, Town of Wautoma. Daniel Joseph Behrs, 64, Wild Rose.