Accidents recorded in Waushara County

•9/08/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 12:11 a.m. on Brown Deer Road, Town of Leon. Patrick Dennis George Nelsen, 26, Redgranite, traveled left of center lane and went through a small wooded area just off the roadway. Here, he sheared off and uprooted approximately 30-40 trees. The vehicle then traveled into a hay field where it turned to the left and traveled into a wood line and entered another wooded area. He struck several small trees before coming to rest. The driver and passenger returned to the driver’s home, where they contacted law enforcement. The entire distance from the time the vehicle left the roadway was 708 feet and nine inches. There was no evidence that at any point the vehicle had applied the brakes during the crash. The Deputy reported that to uproot and sheer off trees, excessive speed is needed.

•9/08/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 3:11 a.m. on 24th Lane, Town of Springwater. Geoffrey Michael Yeska, 31, Waupaca, was found in the west ditch approximately 40 feet from the vehicle. It appeared that the vehicle left the roadway on the left shoulder, contacted an embankment, and broke a cluster of trees that ended up in the roadway. By the damage to the vehicle and the marks on the road and left it the ditch, it appeared the vehicle had rolled three times before coming to rest on its own wheels in the middle of the road. The driver was ejected and appeared to not have been wearing his seatbelt. The strong odor of intoxicant was coming from the driver as he laid in the ditch. He was transported by ambulance and was cited for OWI (2nd), Operating Left of Center, Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control, and Failure to Wear Seatbelt.

•9/11/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 2:39 p.m. on 22nd Ave, Town of Springwater. Diane L. Prasch, 65, Plainfield, when a tree begin to fall from the west ditch line as she was passing. Prasch attempted to get past before the tree fell on the vehicle. The tree fell on the vehicle, striking the top and damaging the sun/moon roof. The driver was not hurt.

•9/13/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 5:45 a.m. on N7024 and STH 49 northbound, Town of Bloomfield. Michael Joseph Behling, 28, Oshkosh, claimed to swerve to miss a deer, lost control of his vehicle, went into the ditch, and rolled over. No injuries were reported. The driver was cited for having no insurance on the vehicle.

•9/13/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 7:20 p.m. on CTH H westbound, Town of Springwater. Diane P. Schmieder, 58, Wild Rose, struck a deer, which went over the vehicle and onto the roadway. Dianne Lynn Hobart, 72, Wautoma, then struck the same deer. The deer flew into the windshield and the airbags deployed. Because of the airbag deployment, Hobart was unable to see that Schmieder had stopped in the roadway, so Hobart ran into the back of Schmieder.


Deer Accidents:

•9/09/19:  8:19 p.m., CTH W eastbound, Town of Mount Morris. Tammi R. Buser, 54, Neenah.

•9/14/19: 3:45 a.m., CTH P, Town of Oasis. Toua Vang, 26, Appleton.