Accidents recorded in Waushara County

•6/26/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 12:35 p.m. on STH 73 southbound, Town of Wautoma. Dawn Lynn Botticelli, 54, Wautoma, left the roadway to the right, over-corrected, and then re-entered the ditch to the right of the roadway. The vehicle rolled over numerous times. The driver had visible injuries and was transported to the hospital.

•6/29/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 9:20 a.m. on STH 21 eastbound, Village of Lohrville.  Cassi Marie Weber, 28, Wautoma, stopped on Bannerman Ave. and waited for vehicles to pass before turning left onto W4770 Bannerman Ave. Katrina Kay Wedde, 26, Wautoma, was traveling eastbound and did not see the blacked out lamps on Weber’s vehicle. Wedde attempted to stop, but was unable to control the vehicle. Wedde swerved and struck Weber in the right rear. A citation was mailed to Weber for non-registration of automobile. A citation was mailed to Wedde for Fail To Keep Vehicle Under Control.

•6/29/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 3:07 p.m. on STH 21 westbound, Town of Marion. Susan Lee Servis, 56, Redgranite, was driving down the road westbound, when they vehicle hit a piece of debris that was in the roadway. The vehicle hood and windshield were damaged, and the hood flew up onto the windshield.

•6/29/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 7:15 p.m. on E. Division Street, City of Wautoma. George Olaf Edgren, 35, Wild Rose, stopped at Kwik Trip access road. His motorcycle went to make a left turn into the access road, but both forks of the stretched motorcycle snapped mid turn. The motorcycle dragged the undercarriage on the roadway for several feet. The speed was less than five miles per hour. The driver and friends helped push the motorcycle off the roadway. The child riding sidecar was not injured.

•7/03/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 8:15 a.m. on STH 49 southbound, Town of Aurora. Frederick Lee Harris, 69, Fremont, was traveling when its back driver side tire broke loose from the vehicle. The vehicle was traveling approximately 25 miles per hour when this occurred. When the tire broke loose, it damaged the inside of the wheel well and back bumper area. The wheel them came free from the wheel area and went past the vehicle bouncing and causing more damage to the driver side panels of the truck. The vehicle, which was hauling a travel trailer, then came to rest partially in the southbound lane of travel.


•7/05/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 3:32 p.m. on W6197 CTH A westbound, Town of Springwater. Elaina Rose Sirois, 20, Sherwood, was westbound on South County Road A and she slowed and indicated a right turn. Tyler Roland Bauer, 21, Wild Rose, was westbound behind the first vehicle. Bauer was operating the vehicle left of the center to go around the first vehicle. When Sirois indicated the left turn, she turned into the path of Bauer. Bauer collided with Sirois, who spun 180 degrees and skidded across the driveway and into the south ditch before coming to rest. Bauer stated that Sirois was slowing and she had her right turn signal on, so he went to go around her and then she turned left in front of him. Bauer stated they were both going slow. Sirois stated she was slowing to turn around at the mailbox with her right turn signal on, she saw there was no driveway, signaled left at the last second, and she started to turn left, seeing the driveway on the south side of the road. She turned left and was struck by Bauer.

•7/06/19: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 11:48 a.m. on CTH F westbound, Town of Marion. Lisa Marie Wilson, 38, Fond du Lac, ran off the paved portion of the road and onto the low gravel shoulder. She over-corrected to the left, over-corrected to the right, over-corrected to the left, and over-corrected to the right again before skidding out of control. She entered the north ditch and overturned. Wilson stated she got off on the shoulder of the curve and jerked the wheel. She was smoking a cigarette at the time of the crash. Wilson was cited for Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance and Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control.


•7/07/19: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 2:22 p.m. on the intersection of CTH V southbound and CTH C westbound, Town of Hancock. Karl Schwarz, 88, Wisconsin Rapids, stopped at a stop sign on County Road C, then drove into the path of Megan Ann Robokoff-Kumpf, 37, Necedah, who was traveling southbound on County Road V. Schwarz collided with the trailer of Kumpf and spun 180 degrees, coming to rest in the intersection. Kumpf continued southbound, trailer hitch torn from the vehicle, and the trailer skidded into the ditch and loads of a 2-4 vehicle ATVs and portable generator ejected from trailer from impact. Schwarz stated he asked the passenger if it was clear to cross County Road V and she stated yes. When he started to go, she said “no, no, no,” and he struck the trailer. Kumpf stated she was southbound and Schwarz came out from the strop sign, from the corner of her eye so she accelerated to avoid being hit in the driver door.


Deer accidents:

•6/18/19: 5:26 a.m., CTH A eastbound, Town of Springwater. Robert A. Green, 55, Wild Rose.

•7/04/19: 5:20 a.m., STH 21 westbound, Town of Richford. Kyle John Kapugia, 45, Waukesha.

•7/05/19: 10:40 p.m., STH 21 eastbound, Town of Aurora. Mark F. Warning, 66, Oshkosh.