Wautoma Hornets defeat Nekoosa Papermakers


The Wautoma Hornets were on a roll during their Jan. 8 basketball game against the Nekoosa Papermakers. The home team was able secure their spot on top with a strong offense to back the team up. Wautoma came out on top with an ending score of 61-42.

The match up had a solid start with a basket by Logan Johnson followed by a 3-pointer from Caleb Koats. Wautoma’s offense kept the ball moving in the Hornets favor for a large portion of the first half. By the time Nekoosa was on the board after going 2 for 2 at the line the score was 7-2.

Johnson fought back with a 2-point basket, followed by a 3-point shot. Gabriel Ascher was on fire as he brought his team a 3-point shot, followed by a 2-point shot and two additional 3-point shots consecutively. This shooting streak brought the Hornets up 23-3.

Nekoosa then had another chance at the line going 1 for 2. The ball was then played back and forth for some time, with Wautoma scoring 5 more points. Nekoosa was finally able to make a 2-point shot, bringing the Papermakers score to 5 against Wautoma’s 28. With Nekoosa’s timid offense, Wautoma was able to defend the ball to keep it on their side of the court. With .3 seconds on the clock, a remarkable 3-point shot by Wautoma’s Leo Morales ended halftime with Wautoma up 40-14.

The second half started with a 2-point shot by Wautoma’s Chandler Krueger. The Papermakers were not quick to accept defeat though, as the offense was slowly catching up to Wautoma. The two teams played the ball back and forth, with scores from each. Nekoosa was able to slowly bring the score up with 2-point baskets.

Their attempts were no match for Wautoma, who were on a roll. Hoyt Keller was able to bring the score 55-24 after a 3-pointer. Krueger then went 2 for 2 at the free throw line. Nekoosa then gained control of the ball to shoot a 3-pointer, bringing the score 61-38.

Nekoosa tried their hardest in the final minutes of the game, but even with their final 3-point shots they fell short to the Hornets. Wautoma took the victory with the final score of 61-42.

Notable players of the night included Logan Johnson who led Wautoma’s scoreboard with 18 points and six rebounds. Gabe Ascher followed with 13 points and five rebounds. Chandler Krueger was able to get 10 points and three assists and Joe Ascher made seven points and six rebounds. Hoyt Keller had eight rebounds and Caleb Koats had ten rebounds.