Laney Havlovitz scores 27 points in Wild Rose victory over Pittsville


The Wild Rose Ladycats rolled over the Pittsville Lady Panthers 74-26 in girls basketball action on Jan. 7.

The score was slow in building at first, with Wild Rose having the lead throughout. The closest Pittsville would ever get was 2 in the earlier minutes of the game, then it wouldn’t be any close than 10 as the first half progressed.

As the Ladycats did their thing, Laney Havlovitz would tally 15 points which included two 3-point goals and 3 of 5 free throws. Orria Wood chimed in with three 3’s as she put in 11 points. Aryah Elm contributed 5 points with a 3 being involved, while Mya Bahr put in a 3 of her own.

The Lady Panthers didn’t like being out in the cold, but they could only do so much. Kristin Zdun put up 5 points using a 3-point shot, while Melissa Giles used a 3-point shot to gather 4 points, but missed a number of free throws. Julia Redmond added 4 points of her own, but the visitors found themselves with a 17-36 deficit at halftime. Pittsville had committed 6 fouls, and Wild Rose 7.

Wild Rose tended to gain steam going into the second half after Pittsville got in the first score. Havlovitz go the attack started with a 3-point shot, adding to it 9 more points along the way, including another 3 and 2 of 2 free throws. Seven teammates joined in on the attack with whatever moves they could make. Torrance Marquez would put up 7 points, working in 3 of 4 free throws, while Wood put up 5 points including a 3. Clare Williams added 5 points, working on 3 of 4 free throws, while Dalene Sherburn put up 4 points.

Pittsville couldn’t find an answer to counter with, but did get 5 points out of Natasha Losievski, and 2 points each from two of her teammates. The visitors found themselves on the short end of the 74-26 score.

Wild Rose had 10 scorers in the game, with Laney Havlovitz topping everyone with 27 points, hitting 5 of 7 free throws and four 3-point goals. Orria Rood tallied 16 points with the use of four 3-pointers. Dalene Sherburn and Clare Williams each had 3 of 4 free throws as part of their scoring, while Mya Bahr and Aryah Elm each had a 3 as part of their scoring.

The Ladycats were 12-22 at the free throw line, tallied ten 3-point foals, and were charged with 10 fouls.


Pittsville’s six scorers during what they could were led by Kristin Adun’s 7 points highlighted by a 3-point shot. Julia Redmond had 6 points, while Natasha Losievski had 5 points, and Melissa Giles 4 based on a 3-pointer.

The Lady Panthers were 2-9 at the free throw line, tallied two 3-pointers, and were charged with 16 fouls.