Property transfers in Waushara County


•08/26/2020: Tom Clark to CTAM Management LLC, Town of Mount Morris, $310,000.

•08/26/2020: Edward J. Ryan to Lucille A. Riemma, Town of Marion, $108,700.

•08/26/2020: Michael J. Kiesler to David E. Dalland, Town of Marion, $40,800.


•08/27/2020: Joshua Alan Becker to Michael J. Gagliano, Town of Dakota, $15,000.

•08/27/2020: Karina L. Rodman to Thomas and Lori Phillippi, Town of Saxeville, $237,500.

•08/27/2020: Estate of Joyce A. Golonka to Wilmer Yoder, Village of Redgranite, $50,000.

•08/28/2020: David R. and Phyllis M. Devalk to Robert L. Patterson, Town of Marion, $15,500.

•08/28/2020: Arlan A. and Karen L. Ferguson to Channele E. and Michael S. Wingrove, Town of Oasis, $275,000.

•08/31/2020: Gregory G II Reinhardt to Peter B. and Susan A. Poeschl, Town of Springwater, $259,000.

•08/31/2020: Judith C Levin to Michael O. and Susan L. Mears, Town of Mount Morris, $280,000.

•08/31/2020: Lamar L. and Lorna L. Laporte to Andrew E. and Tabitha R. Kelley, Town of Oasis, $305,000.

•08/31/2020: Beth E. Cywin to Barth T. and Janet A. Thomas, Town of Coloma, $137,500.

•08/31/2020: Richard W. and Susan K. Divan to Thomas J. Strauch, Town of Marion, $345,000.

•08/31/2020: John F. and Patricia A. Schaetz to James Gutche and Crystal J. Rannie, Village of Redgranite, $25,000.

•08/31/2020: Scott Thomas and Nicole J. Hill to Kurt F. and Gloria L. Klomberg, Town of Springwater, $315,000.

•08/31/2020: Jordan R. and Kimberly A. Grenier to Ryan M. Pickett, Town of Wautoma, $155,000.

•08/31/2020: Katherine D. Martzahl to Brandon Marten Bastar, Town of Bloomfield, $165,000.

•08/31/2020: William Fucik to John Weber, Town of Dakota, $6,500.

•08/31/2020: Joseph M. and Jesi K. Brandl to Robert and Mary Ellen Bonneville, City of Berlin, $165,000.