Waushara County Health News

Free Skin Cancer Screening

The Waushara County Health Department is hosting a free Skin Cancer Screening on Saturday, April 9 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Screenings take 10-15 minutes, and are by appointment only. Three dermatological surgeons will provide the screenings. Last year over 80 people were screened.

The free skin cancer screenings help to find skin cancer early. This is important because skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. 

Here are some common risk factors for skin cancer:

•A lot of time spent in the sun 

•Naturally pale skin  

•Using tanning beds

•Family history of skin cancer

•Multiple or unusual looking moles

•A severe sunburn in the past

•Older age

For more information on skin cancer, visit the American Cancer Society at www.cancer.org.

To schedule your free appointment, call the Waushara Health Department at 920-787-6590.

All community members are welcome to attend.